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HIV Symptoms

I have already asked my questions regarding my diagnosis of NSU and all tests for Gonorhea and Chlamydia have been negative. I have been tested for Syphillis and my test was negative. I recently have experienced body aches and exhaustion. I do have a small blister that has formed on my lip. I have been really sick for the past few weeks. The immediate onset of my symptoms came on after intercourse, but previously had oral unprotected sex with someone. I have read that HIV can be contracted through oral sex and I really need some help. Could this be another disease other than HIV that could be making me feel this way. The initial pain and discomfort came upon urination where I experienced burning and then experienced urethral burning at the tip of my penis as well as burning and pain in the rectal area. I am very scared and have also taken an HIV test due to how I have been feeling.
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It still sounds like you have no ongoing STD and I'm sure your HIV test will be negative.  Nobody gets HIV by performing cunnilingus on a woman.

Basic psychology dictates that when one event occurs just after another, it must have been caused by the first. But colds, flu, and other viral infections are extremely common; occurrence of symptoms like yours soon after sex doesn't necessarily mean they are connected.  Assuming you indeed had NGU (nongonococcal urethritis, which is the preferred term for "NSU"), that's the only thing you got from the sexual exposures you describe.

I'm also inclined to ask whether most of your symptoms are psychological, related to the anxiety you obviously are feeling.  If you're not seeing a health care provider about all this, please do so.

Final comment, which applies to some other persons as well:  Please do not re-post the same questions on the STD forum if there is no new information.  Only a limited number of questions is permitted each day, not all of which can be accommodated.  Every duplicate question prevents someone from asking a new one.

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Contracting HIv through oral sex is extremly rare........
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This has been a funny season,  probably due to so many people not getting flu shots,  including me.  I noticed this year that for about 3 months,  I had ongoing congestion,  minor flu like symptoms off and on,  sore throat.   Then 4 weeks ago,  I got the full blown flu and was out for about a week or so. But after the flu was gone.  ALL my symptoms were gone.   Whatever I did when I had the flu with medicine etc.  cleared everything up that had been bothering me for 3 months,  Now I feel fine.   But I too was worried about HIV etc. until I just went and got tested and it was negative.
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