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HIV Symptoms?

I recently gave oral sex to another man. He assured me he was STD free before we did anything.  He didn't ejaculate in my mouth and I don't think there was any pre ejaculate either, as he ejaculated well after I performed oral sex on him. Other than that, he gave me oral sex, but nothing else happened between us. Two days later, I get a sore throat, runny nose and sneezing. I also developed an ulcer on the inside of my lower lip, but I have had these before, and I have been under a great deal of stress. I developed a productive cough a day or two later and a little bit of a decrease in appetite. I never ran any fever or had any body aches or rashes. I still have the symptoms 5 days later. I never have given someone else oral sex before, and I am a extremely worried. It seems like an odd time of year (spring) to develop a cold. Is this just a coincidental common cold or do I have reason to worry?
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The symptoms you describe don't sound at all like HIV, and in any case HIV symptoms cannot come on less than 7-10 days after exposure.  Almost cerrtainly you caught a cold, either during that event (if you're close enough to have sex, you can catch a respiratory virus from someone) or from someone else.  Colds are common at all times of year, not just in the winter.  The most common cause of oral ulcers is a canker sore, which can be triggered by colds or other infections.  In any case, the events you describe were very low risk for HIV.

Good luck-- HHH, MD
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I have lymphadenopathy symptoms after a potential exposure within 18 hrs. I read in your reply the following, it your statement accurate?

"HIV symptoms cannot come on less than 7-10 days after exposure." found at:

Thank you! you may reply to: ***@**** or here.
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