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HIV Test reliability

Hi Doctor,

I had an exposure on 6th Feb 2011 after which I had 3 negative HIV tests at following days past the exposure:-
1. HIV Duo at 34 days - Negative
2. Rapid HIV Insti test at 73 days - Negative
3. Rapid HIV Insti test at 84 days -  negative

After 5 months past the exposure I have following symptoms and feel worried about them:-
a. Feeling of Dizziness
b. Sometime I get the feeling of nausea
c. I noticed a lump near outer part of thigh. (I think the lymph nodes are in groin and not outer part of thigh is this understanding correct?)
d. Throat pain for last two days. I noticed it is quite severe while I mastrubate.

My doctor always advised me that duo at 34 days is conclusive and rules out any scare of HIV. He insists insti at 73 days makes it certain and 84 days is conclusive.

Do you think I need to worry about ?
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Welcome to our Forum.  Unfortunately, you have posted on the wrong site.   Questions about HIV belong on the HIV prevention site.  I will do my best to answer your questions with this reply but, if you have additional questions or follow-up they must be on the HIV Prevention site.  Sorry.

I agree with your doctor.  You have 3 definitive tests, the DUO at 34 days and the Insti at 73 days each prove that you did not get HIV from the exposure you describe.  

It is important to realize that there are no "classic" signs of HIV and in fact, people without HIV tend to get the same infections and other problems as persons who have HIV, it's just that persons with HIV tend to get them more often.  Sensations like dizziness are quite non-specific and do not predict HIV in any particular way.  Similarly, sore throats occur regularly in persons who do not have HIV.  finally, as you point out, there are not lymph nodes located on the outer aspect of the leg- lymph nodes are in the groin. thus the swelling you report is almost certainly not swollen lymph nodes.

Bottom line- your tests are definitive and should be believed. The signs and symptoms you describe are most likely to be due to something else. There is no need to further concern about HIV or for further testing.  Thus there is no need to worry.

As a reminder, given that you have posted on the wrong site, there can be no follow-ups, nor should there be any need for follow-up- you did not get HIV from your exposure in February.  EWH
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