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HIV Testing and Anxiety

Dr. Thank you so much for providing your expert opinions on HIV testing. I am so concerned of my HIV status that it has caused me to go into a deep depression/anxiety to the  point of attempted suicide. Please help me answer the followng questions.

I am 27 yr old heterosexual male and from the US. On October 9 2005 I was diagnosed with HSV-1 on my genitals, I can only assume that I recieved it through unprotected oral sex. I have never had an STD prior to that. I began to extensively research STD's and eventually came across HIV. Based on the symptoms that I read about, I self diagnosed myself with the disease. This is what triggered the depresion/anxiety.

December 20, 2005 I called my mom to say good bye because I was going to commited suicide because I believed I was infected with HIV. She flew down immediately and I was taken to my PCP the next day for testing. The test was admisnistered by Labcorp EIA second generation and came back negative. The last time I had sex (unprotected/unknown HIV status) was on October 19 2005. This makes the "window period" approxmately 8 weeks.

I felt completely relieved after reading the numerous post regarding the test window but I continue to have thoughts about still having the disease. Things such as HIV-2 (not tested for) and late seroconversion are a  few lingering thoughts. I am at the three month window period and extremely scared to get retested.

My questions are:

1) I know you have mentioned the the 6 week window period is virually 100% reliable. Do I need to take a three month test? Or can I accept my 8 weeks negative test as conclusive? My doctor told me to get testing every three months for a year after the exposure. I cannot continue on for another year in the condition that I am in.

2) I was also diagnosed with Chronic Prostatis (non bacterial).
Is this considered a STD? Can I pass it on to other's?

3) I believe HSV1 genitally is uncommon as there is not much research on it. Can I pass this to others? I haven't had an outbreak since the initial one.

4) I know its extremely rare but do you think I am at risk for HIV 2? I had one incident of unprotected sex with a girl who lived in Mexico and two other girls (unprotected) from China and Korea.

This disease is ruining my life as I can't seem to get it out of my head. I have put my family thru so much and I just need some reassurance that I am OK so I can continue on with my life.

I really appreciate your help and god bless everyone.
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Far and away the most important advice I can give is that you visit a mental health professional, immediately; ask your primary care doctor for a referral.  You need to deal with your obvious depression and the unreasoned, truly irrational level of fear and anxiety you are showing. It is not my role, and I accept no responsibility, to be the source of reassurance you are OK and can continue with your life (paraphrasing your words).  My replies are brief, because I want you to get proper care and not dwell on my responses.

1) Follow your doctor's advice. Eight weeks is highly reliable, but you need to find and accept the advice of a provider you trust, and not put your faith in an online source.

2) Prostatitis is not sexually acquired or transmitted.

3) Most people with genital herpes due to HSV-1 have few or no recurrences and do not transmit it sexually to partners.  Search for other threads on genital HSV-1 infection.

4) You don't describe your sexual history in enough detail for me to judge your risk of genital herpes due to HSV-2.

Please do not post any follow-up questions; I will not reply.  This is in your best interest, in my judgement.

Best wishes-- HHH, MD
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We all know not to put our lives in an online source. But when you support the idea of testing every 3 months out to one year following a potential exposure, your credibility here on this forum is seriously in question. You have repeatedly expressed that a 3 month window is more than enough time and that just about everyone will show Pos. within 4-8 weeks. The CDC says only very very few will take up to 6 months. After 6 months, they consider you conclusive. You now support up to one year!!
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wow...okay im scared now...who should i listen to?....need your response doc.
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well i have read his response again...i am highly doubt that someone would develope HIV after testing negative after 6 months.....certainly this guy had put himself at risk..no doubt about that..and like doctor said he is not a psyciatric...he is proffesional in HIV testing...and G-Man...i got tested yesterday came out negative and the lady who performed the test..she has been doing this for 20 years and she told me the same thing as doc....4-6 weeks ...and if you get test after 90 days it is 100% conclusive....lets talk about cdc...and other company...well ..like it has been said before here...it is set up by lawyers....and this DOC HHH has been doing this for 30 years...he speaks from experience.....and trust me symptoms does not equal disease...but the only way to find out is by gettin tested and i think 90 days should be conclusive....take care and good luck to both of you
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The original poster is/has been suicidal, which shows a pretty intense level of anxiety and depression. Dr. Handsfield is simply acknowledging the depth of this poster's concern, and saying that this poster needs to find someone he can trust IN PERSON. He is NOT saying that he should get tested again a year later; I think your own anxiety is causing you to interpret his comments as such.

To the original poster and anyone: If money is an issue for therapy and/or medication, most areas have community services boards that offer free or low cost services. There are also likely therapists in your area who will work on a sliding scale. In addition, for immediate help you can always call 1-800-suicide, 24/7.
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He wasn't agreeing with testing out to a year. The situation as presented is obviously best not handled through an online message board. There are earlier tests available but not as well accepted.
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