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HIV Testing

Hi Doctor,

Wrote in earlier regarding HIV scare (Male performing oral sex on a female, with a cut on his lip).  Since then, I've tried to get tested, but my school clinic basically refuses to test me before the 3 month window is over, especially since they think my exposure was "minimal".  Is it normal to be refused testing? I've seen you say time and time again that a month is enough.  I'm approaching the 9 week period ! Just curious.
In any event, I've decided to get a friend to drive me to an STD clinic tomorrow rather than put up with the school one.

Have an update on symtoms, and wondered what you'd think...
1) Cough has continued, now well into 8 weeks.  Used to be with phlegm, now just a regular cough, but infrequent.
2) Seem to be getting small rashes in many places that only really appear after a shower (heat?). They are really itchy, but usually subside after 30 minutes after a shower.
3) An odd canker sore flared up one day in the back of my mouth, was extremely sore, and then dissapeared 4 hours later.
4) My neck has been stiff for some time, and now I'm experiencing headaches daily (for the last 3 days)
5) Appetite hasn't been the same for weeks. Some days I don't feel like eating at all. Other days I'm hungry, but those are infrequent

Lastly, the girl I was with DID in fact go and get tested again 15 days after the incident and everything came back negative (or so she says).

I appreciate your taking the time to respond.  This'll be my last post as I'll be getting tested tomorrow.  Anxiety is high, I can tell you that!

Cheers to your health
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Don't you hate condescending docs?  Your risk is just about zero, so no harm in waiting--but it sounds like your shcool clinic either is using older HIV tests, or is behind the times about interpreting the results.  None of the symptoms you list sound like anything related to HIV.  (OK, I'll clarify that:  HIV is a protean disease, meaning it can cause all kinds of symptoms, including some that you list.  But every single symptom caused by HIV is caused much more commonly by other things, so they almost certainly don't mean HIV in your case--especially if the exposure you describe is your only risk.

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Drugstore.com sells HIV home testing kits in which you take a ***** of blood and mail it back to a lab, it all costs $39, it is called HomeAccess and claims to be 99.9% accurate, and it's FDA approved, am curious to hear what the Doctor thinks of these tests as it would help alleviate a lot of anxiety for some people.
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Listen to the Doc, cut or not, your risk is as close nil as possible.  I wouldnt even worry.  I had a similar risk, where I peroformed unprotected cunnilingus on a woman I only new for a week.  I never tested for HIV because it didnt warrant for it.  Your risk for cunnilingus is theoretical, meaning no clear cut undisputable documented cases are listed.  I hate the CDC but they will state to you that they do not have any listed cases of transmission this way, and that its a low risk.  

Trust me, you do not need to test for it.  I would however test for Gonnorhea, Syphilis, and Chlamydia, if anything at all.  I did and it came out negative.  

Get HIV out of your mind now.... You are fine.

Good luck

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