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HIV odds and symptoms

I had unprotected heterosexual sex about 10 times with 5 different partners(3 prostitutes) while working in SE Asia about 3 months ago. About 5 days after my last encounter i developed the sensation that i always had to urinate but little or nothing would come out, i went to the doctor and they told me it was probably gonorrhea, and gave me some penicillin of some sort. it did get better for a few days but then it came back again and i received another shot, and that time it seemed to stop the problem. needless to say i was done with unprotected sex and high risk partners.
i waited 25 days and had an HIV test (and all the others STD tests) done in a local hospital; all the results were negative. i experienced no further possible STD symptoms until about day 35 when a small cut became infected on my foot and i was forced to take antibiotics again. Then around day 45, after a day of working in the sun, i came down with what i thought at the time was heat stroke or dengue fever; headache, chills, fatigue, and loss of appetite. this lasted approximately five days and then i felt fine again. then around day 60 i experienced a bad case of diarrhea and went to the doctors once again. they took a stool sample said it was bacterial, and with some antibiotics AGAIN i was better in a few days. now about day 90 i noticed that i have a slight case herpes again. i had been to a doctor about 2 years ago and was tested positive for herpes type one, but this is the first time it has ever come back.
Is this just a run of really bad luck or reason to worry about HIV?
I was tested, but i don't know what kind of test it was, are there tests in use that could have miss diagnosed HIV? is 25 days to early?
What are my odds of having contracted HIV given my particular history?
I have purchased an HIV home test but i have been a little paranoid with this and feel i have to ask some one.
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Welcome to the forum.  Unfortunately, it is the wrong one; see the statement at the top of the page "questions and support pertaining to sexually transmitted diseases other than HIV/AIDS".

You had accurate advice on the HIV community forum.  The chance of catching HIV from the exposures you describe is very low, but not zero.  (Next time, use condoms for goodness' sake!)  Your symptoms do not suggest HIV.  About 80-90% of newly infected people have positive HIV test results within 25 days, so your negative result is reassuring but not definitive.  Given a) the low risk of infection from the exposures decribed, b) the lack of symptoms suggestive of HIV, and c) the 80-90% test reliability, there's probably less than 1 chance in 100,000 you have HIV.  To make it 100% certain you weren't infected, have another test 6-8 weeks after the last exposure.

Because it's the wrong forum, there can't be any follow-up comments or discussion.  You could re-post on the HIV forum, but the reply would be the same so I suggest you not spend another posting fee.

Really, don't worry about HIV; you don't have it.  If your symptoms persist, continue to work with your doctor about it.

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