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Dear DR

10.3 weeks ago I was under the influence of a lot of alcohol and ended up at a place where men go to have sexual contact with other men. I ended up falling asleep there and do not remember any thing happening. About 1 week later I developed a coated tongue which seemed to disapear for about 1 to 2 weeks then came back. My tongue is white all over and they do not come of when I try to scrape or brush them. My tongue also burns and I have a dry mouth. Just in the last week my throat is very sore and red and the sides of my inside cheeks are white. On the sides of my tongue are  bigger white markings.I went to my local DR and he gave me some antifungal lozengers which have no effect on my tongue. My groin feels swollen and sometimes my glands at the back of my jaw feel swollen.I have had trouble eating and lost about 4 kgs (9pounds) in weight. I had a HIV test at 5 & 8.3 weeks which both are negative. At the time I was under a lot of stress waiting on results on another HIV test which ended up being negative at both 8 & 12 weeks which matches with the 5 & 8.3 week test.(I have only had 2 test all together) The sexual health centre where I got tested have gave me the green light to have sex with my wife without a condom but I am to worried. I am a married man with children and am finding out I am bisexual. I love my wife dearly and have told her about what I have done. She is still with me thank God and the last thing I want to do is possibly infect her. I am from Canberra Australia and I am very worried.
Thank you for your service.
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Your negative HIV test 8 weeks after the apparent exposure (assuming you had sex during the period you don't recall) prove you did not acquire HIV at that time.  Symptoms are never a reliable indicator of HIV infection; they suggest the possibility of an oral yeast infection, but other things can cause the same symptoms, and oral yeast infections can occur in people without HIV.  I speak from experience; I have had it myself.  

The Australia sexual health centres comprise one of the world's most expert networks of STD/HIV clinics.  Although I am not familiar with the Canberra SHC, I am sure you can rely on their expertise.  If they have reassured you, you have no worries.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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