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HPV after 5 years

Dear Doctor

I am 34 years old male happily married.Five years ago I was suffering from HPV. First I got them on my penis and after I dont know how they appeared in my anus as well.I strongly beleive that since I have one of the warts on my stomak I scratched them and passed them to inside my anus how is this possible I dont know but for me happen.At first I didnt have any simptoms but after 5 months they spread all over my anal tube and I had terrible problems getting rid of them.Finally 5 years ago I did get rid of them with multiple burning sesions by my doctor and applying all sorts of medicines condilox ,aldara etc in my anus,and some natural oils that helped me alot.
Now after all this torture I am still very worried if they come back that I will need to pass all this torture again and possibility to infect my wife as well.We are planning to have a baby.
Few days ago I tuched my anus inside and I notice one bump inside I am totaly scared that is HPV is also quite iritated my anus after going to toilet.
I was reading about topical cream Cidofovir 1% that is under clinical trials and that been proven very effective against HPV can you please give me your reccomendation as expert in this field.

Many thanks,Kiki
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I'm confused.  As is my practice I looked at your past posts to get a sense of where you are and it seems that you have posted on the International Forum and the HIV Community sites with very different sorts of questions related to HIV risk and rectal intercourse within the past year.  Are you the same person.  if so, please explain the differences in the risks for STDs and HIV which appear to be the case in posts on different sites.

With respect to your warts and rectal symptoms, there are many possible reasons for anal itching. Five years after they have been treated there is little reason to still be worrying about rectal warts.  there are many other possible casues of "bumps" at the rectum and these include hemorrhoids and anal fissures, both of which are normal occurrences or possibly even anxiety.  The sort of symptom you report is notoriously unreliable.  Sometimes after persons tend to examine themselves and be far more attuned to rectal or genital sensations than in periods when they are not concerned.  This in turn leads to noticing what turn out to be normal sensations that might have been not noticed or ignored at other times.  Perhaps this was a contributor to your situation.  My suggestion is to try not to worry and to seek the advice of a gastroenterologist or proctologist for their advice.

Hope this is h elpful.  EWH
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Hello Doctor

Thanks for your reply,I had indeed posts about HIV  I hope this is resolved since I had 3 conclusive testes negative outside window period.Second I am not gay I dont practice anal sex with man.
My question was regarding possible reccurent warts in anus that I had 5 years ago.
I just wanted to know if there is any preventive treatment for HPV ,since  my urologist told me that HPV virus stay dormant in the body forever and can reactivate.Since I was sick for last 3 months I am worried that they might come back...

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