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HPV in Tonsils? [Pics included] Weird Case

Hi Everyone,

New to the forum.  I'm some what at a dead end road right now. No one has any answers. I've spent many hours researching and pretty much people with my background are to just wait it out.  I'm not a very sexually active person, but my ex was which is where i received the HPV from.

After going many months without sex.  My ex and I got together and fooled around this time only performing oral.  The next day I noticed my jaw was sore (this was my first time performing oral) and then about a week later I noticed it was hard to swallow food. When I looked in my mouth i noticed my tonsils were huge.  

So far within the last month i have:
-Tested Negitive for Mono and strep (and i have no history of strep or mono)
-Took Anti-Biotics and Steriods (didn't help)
-CBC Test (came back normal)
-No sore throat, or fever, or coughing, etc...
-Oral Cancer Screening test done by my dentist (came back normal)
-Visited ENT (gave me the steroids and wants to remove my tonsils if they dont help which the steroids didnt help)

I do notice that my tonsils look a tiny tiny bit better than they did nearly a month ago today.     The first picture in my album is the one i took the day I noticed the enlarged tonsils the others are ones i took today.

Link To Pictures: http://sdrv.ms/W8lGot

Since my ex did give me HPV and although there were no phsyical warts or signs on his body could he have given me the virus or something worse in my throat?  I do know my ex had staph at one point as well but not sure if that would affect me.

Thank you for your time and I really hope to find someone that has been in my shoes and might know what this is.

Thank for your time,
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Welcome to the forum and thanks for your question.

On this forum we don't examine clinical photos; it comes too close to practicing medicine from a distance.  But in your case, it makes no possible difference.  You are seriously overreacting.

Oral HPV causes no symptoms at all.  If and when it causes any medical problem, such as warts or later cancer risk, those problems show up months or years after exposure; symptoms a day or two later cannot possibly be related to HPV.  In addition, oral sex rarely results in any STD transmission; few if any STDs cause tonsilar enlargement; and even if that were to happen, no infection can cause such enlargement in under 2-3 days.

So my strong belief is that your enlarged tonsils are not due to HPV or any STD, and are not due to any infection you caught during the oral sex exposure a day earlier.

So my advice is to continue to work with your doctors, especially the ENT specialist.  Enlarged tonsils are a common problem and for the most part not serious.  Whatever is going on isn't an STD and isn't related to the oral sex event that seems to be so strongly on your mind.

I hope this helps put things in perspective.  Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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