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HPV questions

I went to a std clinic and the lady said it looks like I have genital warts.  I have 6 or 7 tiny bumps on the inside of my vagina.  I have a few questionL:

Will these go away on there own or do I need treatment. Is there a cream you can put inside the vagina? What treatment do you reccommend for warts around and inside the vaginal opening?
I tried to put vinigar on them and they didn't turn white.  Does this test work?
When they go away can I have sex? Is the virus just as contagious for lesbians?
Will I have this virus forever?
Will they grow bigger if I leave them?
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I'm confused.  In your other question on this forum, only 6 days ago, you said you visited an STD clinic 2 months ago and described "... little skin tags around the [vaginal] opening and inside there are tiny bumbs like pinhead pimples...."  Is this a new STD clinic visit or the same one?  Skin tags and warts generally are pretty easy to tell apart.

External genital warts should be treated; otherwise more lesions can appear and sometimes they can grow to large size.  If the STD clinic provider really suspected warts, I'm sure she would have recommended treatment; she probably would have treated them on the spot.  So I have to doubt the diagnosis.  That the lesions didn't turn white with acetic acid (vinegar) suggests they are not warts.  However, that is a lousy test and it really doesn't help much one way or the other.  Even health professionals don't use it because it is unreliable, and untrained persons cannot use that method to diagnose warts.

Assuming you actually have warts, there are several recommended treatments, both provider-applied (freezing, podophyllin, and bi- or trichloroacetic acid) and prescriptions products named podofilox (Condylox) and imiquimod (Aldara).  All are more or less equally effective, although some work better in some persons.  Even without treatment, genital warts generally clear up on their own in a few months; after that, most people are no longer infected with the virus and cannot transmit it to their sex partners.

For almost 2 years you have been asking many questions on many MedHelp forums, describing symptoms and concerns from everything to heart disease to urological problems to STDs.  I have to question the value of your apparent attempts to solve your health questions online.  I strongly suggest you find a single primary health care provider you trust and stick with that person for general medical advice and not try to solve so many uncertainties by online searching or forums.

Please note the MedHelp rule about a maximum of 2 questions on the moderated forums every 6 months (see Terms and Conditions).  No more permitted on the STD forum before next March.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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I went back to the std clinic.  She said they normally treat them with liquid nitigon but since they were inside they could not and reccommended me to a gynocologist. And this is only my second post in the last six months. Sorry for bothering you. I won't use the site anymore if this is how you feel.
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See the gynecologist and follow his or her advice about treatment, and/or confirmation of the diagnosis.  I'm still suspicious that the problem isn't warts.

My concern is for your heatlh -- just well-meaning advice about how much you seem to be relying on distant advice where in-person advice by a primary care provider would generally be superior.
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