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6 months ago I practice unprotected cunnilingus to a woman infected with HPV , she had genital warts , a big one ( like a hemoroid near the anus ) and other small ones that I didn't saw ( she made tratament after we had sex ).
We also made normal sex using a condom ( but we touched our genitals for a few seconds ) , and also unprotected fellatio.We date and have sex only 3 or 4 times
After 6 months I have no symptoms , I am very afraid about oral and genital warts , I can't approach any woman ( i'm afraid that she will develop oral or genital warts , by kissing or oral and normal  sex ). I know that are some medical analysys that can't be done ( urethral secretion and a culture from the oral cavity ) , and a tratament for a year ( that stimulate the immune system ) in case of a positive result . I am very confused don't know what to do , I have been very stresed in the past 6 months , i'm afraid that my body can't fight with this virus because of the stres.
How big is my problem ? , my biggest fear is that one of my future partener will develop oral or genital warts (or oral or genital cancer ) , or I will develop and scary her , or the influence that this virus will have to a future child.
I am very afraid about STDs.
Sorry for my bad english , please help me.
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Welcome to our Forum.  I'll be happy to provide some comments.  The problem of oral HPV is something that is currently actively being studied.  At the moment however there appears to be far more concern and worries about the possibility of oral HPV that is justified by the current knowledge.  In general HPV is infrequently transmitted by oral sex.  And despite the media attention about oral cancer, it's not a big deal.  In the entire US, there are only about 6,000 cases of oral or throat cancer per year that are due to HPV-16, the main genital type that has been implicated; and those occur almost exclusively in people age 50 and over.  There has been much recent attention to increasing oral cancer rates but this may be, in part, due to the fact that health care professionals are looking harder for the infection than they used to rather than a huge epidemic of infections.  Furthermore,  it is not at all certain that those people who have oral cancers related to HPV acquired their oral HPV through oral sex.  

That you performed oral sex on a woman who has HPV should not concern you and should not constrain your sex life.  As you know, other than regular dental care (dentists do look for oral cancers) and, perhaps taking the HPV vaccine, you should not be concerned about the possibility of oral HPV, its diagnosis or its therapy.  

I have pasted two previous links to comments made by Dr. Handsfield on the same  topic.  I hope you find them helpful.



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