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HSV 2 oral exposure?

I had unprotected cunnilingus for about 2 minutes with a CSW 9 days ago.  No sign of lesions on her and she said she had no problem..She did have lube on her vagina.

Yesterday at 9am I noticed a singular puffiness in my bottom lip on the dry outer part of my mouth just before the line of mucous interior.  Upon examination I saw that it had a white head and I popped it.  Only a white pus column emerged- just like a pimple followed by very little clear fluid.  I thought it odd since I thought there we no follicles that could form pimples there. By 4pm it pussed up again a bit.  Popped it again and applied peroxide.  It seems to be healing.

The thing that worries me about it is that I also have redding and slight pain on my tongue's edges and tips that may have increased in the last 24 hours with new irritation on the mucus parts of my lips.  No other lesions at this point.

I am worried that I have contacted HSV2 due to the location of my problem and timing, although I have read it to be unlikely.  But does this sound typical for the infection?

Thanks for you time and great work.
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Welcome to our Forum.  The lesion you describe could be a HSV lesion or a skin infection.  The timing is comptable with HSV however, statistically however, this lesion is unlikely to be HSV-2 but this can happen on rare occasions.  The only way to be really sure of what is going on is to have a PCR or culture test with a swab taken from the lesion.  I would suggest that you stop applying peroxide and work to get this test done as soon as is possible. This will provide you the best possible result.

A blood test att his time will not help you to diagnose this process.  

I hope this comment is helpful.  EWH
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Thank you doctor.  

What about the white pimple like pus?  It is my understanding there is none in herpes blisters initially. And the tongue reddening? Is that an indication.

And even if I did peroxide, would a herpes lesion keep growing after a single day?

Thanks again.
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The reddening of your tongue is not helpful in either instance.  Further, as you point out, it would be unusual for a HSV outbreak to present with pus but there is a small chance that this could be HSV non-the-less.

How peroxide impacts HSV lesions is unknown.  EWH
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