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HSV concerns

About 19 days ago I may have been exposed to a std.  I had unprotected sex with a csw.  
I believe experienced some night sweats for 3-4 days post encounter, no rashes, no fever, no ill feelings, except for what I thought a pain in my jaw without enlarged nodes.
I have been examining myself carefully and did not see any changes until day 17 post encounter.  In day 15 and 16 post encounter, I masturbated vigorously and noticed a very tiny red sore (1 mm or less) near the right side of the entrance to the urethra, no blister and to date has not formed a scab. I believe there was some pain  but since I am nervous, I am not sure if I just magnified or created that feeling.  I felt a sore in my anus, which presented itself a couple days earlier than the penis issue.
I went to Planed Parenthood and got an HIV test and swabbed the penis.  The nurse told me that she thought it does not look like herpes since the lesion was very small and HSV is painful to the touch. I did get a culture swab  She told me that their test does not distinct between HSV I or II. Since they are Planned Parenthood, I thought they would use a reliable test and know what they are doing.  
I tested negative for HSV years ago and since then I have been in a monogamous relationship.
My questions:
1 How likely is for a first infection sore to show up 17 days post encounter.  
2 Is a culture test reliable, does it produce false positives.
3 Is PP pulling my leg? They said that it does not matter if it is I or II as if either and I have it in the genital area, it would be considered a std.
4 What do you think are the chances of getting HSV from the encounter I described above.
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Welcome back to the forum.

You have been pretty fixated on genital herpes for a long time, with questions about it going back to 2006 on this forum and a very recent one on the herpes forum.  You had accurate advice there from Terri Warren, so my replies are brief.  The combination of the Planned Parenthood clinician's personal assessment plus the test result constitute strong evidence you don't have genital herpes, and it seems you have an obvious and far more likely explanation for the transient penile lesion you describe, i.e. vigorous masturbation.  Your other symptoms do not suggest herpes, which doesn't cause night sweats in the absence of fever, multiple painful sores, etc.  To your specific questions:

1) 17 days is too late.  Initial herpes usually shows up within 3-5 days and rarely longer than 2 weeks.

2) False positive results don't occur with culture.

3) I'm sure the PP clinic isn't intentionally misleading you ("pulling my leg?").  However, they may misunderstand some important issues about genital herpes.  There are very important differences between genital herpes due to HSV-1 versus HSV-2, and it is always important to know the virus type.  See the thread linked below.  When a culture is positive, it is easy for the lab to determine the type; it just costs a few dollars more.


4) It is very unlikely you have genital herpes.  If you want stil greater security, you could have another blood test after a few weeks.  If you do so, I predict it will remain negative.

I hope this has helped.  Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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