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HSV or Aldara irritation?


I've been using Aldara for about a little over a month, and within the last couple weeks I noticed some pronounced red areas.  They seam to have gotten slightly larger.  But there's been no cracking/blistering or really much irritation (maybe slight).  I haven't experienced any of the other flu like symptoms or pain associated with HSV.  Is this something I should be concerned with?  What else should I take note of?

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Imiquimod (Aldara) commonly causes irritation, including various combinations of redness, soreness, and sometimes overt ulceration of the treated tissues.  In fact, that's how it works against warts -- causing inflammation in and around wart tissues.  And herpes doesn't cause redness as it's only symptom.  For confirmation, you should discuss this with the doctor or clinic that prescribed your imiquimod treatment.  But from what you say, I see no reason to be concerned about herpes.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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