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Yes I need help to understand this with HSV 2,,,,I have been married almost three 8 years ,and I have 3 kids one who is 2 yrs,6yrs,9yrs ....during the time of having all my kids I have had all my bloodwork done and I was negative for everything,including hospital bloodwork ,Gyn bloodwork ,Physical Bloodwork. I am like clock work with physical ,gyn every year . Well in aug 2007 i went to the doctor because I was getting alot of yeast infection so they did a pap and came out that it was a BV and nothing else,so they prescribe me metronizde and that didn't work .So it went away and came back when me and my husband would have sex....so I said something is wrong ...So on feb 17,2009 I went to doctor for a physical again because it was time my results came back that I had HSV2, and I said how could this be after all these years and nothing came out at the hosptials or obgyn when I did my blood work or had my kids
...So could you please help me . my reading was >5.08 in the out range postive .

Test done with another OBGYN
On the other test reading  HSV 1 1GG  was 0.08 (neg)   HSV IGM AB <1.10 (neg)      HSV2 5.02 (postive)
Went back to my old OGYN who had my records from the time I had kids and all ,and she said this could be a mistake .

Me and my doctor obygyn went thru all my bloodwork from the time I was 18yrs old ,and their was no signs of HSV during those time.
My husband just went to the doctor now to get check ,because I would like to know who is the carry ,but he has not went to doctor in 9years because he didn't have insurance ,which is no excuse . His first appointment was feb 23,2009
at 8;00 still waiting on the results ,,,,could my husband be the carry he is 40years old and I am 34 years Old ...help
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The topic of herpes is a complex one.  The disease is common with HSV-1 being present in over 60% of adults and HSV-2 (the virus which causes most genital herpes) being present in about 1 in 5 Americans.  For both infections, the majority of people who have the infections are not aware that they are infected, either because they either acquired it without knowing in the past or because they misidentified their herpes as something else.  I will do my best to answer your questions but in general, many of these questions and information about herpes can be obtained by accessing excellent informational web sites such as the one run by the American Social Health Association (disclosure, Dr. Handsfield and I are both on the Board of Directors of ASHA).  Now, for your questions.

You have positive blood tests for HSV-2.  That the test results are as strongly positive as they are and that they have been positive twice are very strong evidence that you do have HSV-2.  As mentioned above, many people who have HSV-2 are not aware of their infection and it appears that you are among them.  For your husband to be tested is a good idea.  While his test result will not tell you who gave their infection to whom, the results will help to inform how to deal with the infection within the context of your relationship.

The result you have also does not give you any information as to how long you have been infected.  Persons can have the infection for years without knowing it and without transmitting their infection to sex partners and/or children.  The fact of the matter is that most persons exposed to partners with HSV do not acquire infection.

It is also probably worthwhile to point out to you that most "routine" health checkups, including pregnancy check-ups, routine GYN checkups and even STD evaluations do not include testing for herpes.  thus unless you know that you have been tested for herpes in the past, your recent tests may be the first time you have been tested for herpes.

I hope these comments provide at least some help to your situation.  If there are other questions, please repeat them and I will try to answer them.  In the meantime, please check out the web site mentioned above. it is very good.  EWH
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