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Help - My Tongue, Candida, Gonorrea, HIV? What is it?

33 year old male in relatively good health, moderate smoker, rarely drinks alcohol.  I've been having some problems since around 2/9/06 that I will try to describe briefly.  I've only had one sexual encounter in about 8 months, right around 2/7/06.  I've had numerous symptoms since that time.  I had protected sex with a condom but previously had performed brief oral sex on this woman.  Starting 2/9/06 these symptoms have ocurred over 6-7 weeks time...tingling and dry lower lip, cheeks and throat seem irritated, some nausea, depression, anxiety, 2 days of testicles aching, poor ejaculation, blood vessels in eyes flared up, small reddish marks on face that look like blood vessels, urethra seems swollen, top of tongue is whitish in color.  My tongue concerns me most, its like white/brown furry tongue (brown from coffee) that won't go away.  I've been using a tongue scraper now but without using it, the fungus looking stuff will get really thick around my large Papillea/taste buds towards the back of my tongue.
All symptoms have come and gone now except for the following...tongue bacteria or whatever, 2 to 3 red spots on face, urethra swollen off and on, lower half of lower lip is dry, note that I never really get chapped lips before.  At least not for 7 weeks.
Here's one catch that may rule some things out as well regarding my mouth...I've had no mouth/throat pain, swollen glands or nodes this whole time.
I was tested for STD's late February and all were negative.  I'm not confident with the test results, could this be throat Gonorrea?  Whats frustrating is that I have seen 3 doctors and my dentist but none have diagnosed anything clinical.  I know my health and I honestly think that there is something viral or bacterial going on.  I've done many, many hours/days of research and this is all I can come up with based on my symptoms... Possible Diabetes(or blood related/disorder), Cancer, Candida, Trich, Gonorrea, HPV, HIV, or Hepatitis.  I haven't studied up on Hepatitis too much yet.  Alternate Diagnosis could be prostate problem related but I've never had a problem in the past.  I'm just finding it hard to think that these symptoms are just coincidence with my sexual encounter.  Lastly, my dentist did say I had the start of minor gum disease and my (4) molars should be removed.  It doesn't seem like this should cause all of these symptoms though. Right now I'm planning to get tested and get bloodwork done in early May unless there are new symptoms or something changes more severe.
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None of your symptoms sounds like gonorrhea, HIV, or any other STD.  Coated tongue is a very nonspecific symptom, i.e. it doesn't indicate a specific condition any more than does fever, headache, and that sort of thing.  In any case, if 3 doctors can't find an explanation, I cannot help further.  Almost certainly your symptoms have nothing to do with the sexual exposure you describe, unless they are the consequence of anxiety over the event.

Continue to follow up with your doctors, or request referral for yet another opinion if you are not confident they are on top of the problem.  But you can put HIV, hepatitis, and other STDs out of your mind.

Good luck-- HHH, MD
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I have the same thing when I wake up my eyes are naster but get better after I am up for a little also one of my feet burns but I can't eat much I get a bad stumic ake what testes did you have done? The woman wipe her stuff on the tip of my an also went down on me but I did not go down on her or any thing
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If you want to get tested, look up your local Department of Health or GUM clinic I think they call it.  I was tested for Gonorreah, Syphillis, HIV, Chlamydia, and Hepatitis B.  Your 2 symptoms actually fall under Diabetes symptoms so it may not be STD related.  You may want to get tested for both.
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EAWERS I had the same problem with the tip and testicals when you drink water does it help you out any? Also my eyes. I found out why my feet hurt I have a pinched nerive from the cryopractors. I dont have diareia, night sweets, spots or any thing. Have you found out any more? I got tested and all but if I find any thing out I will tell you to see if I can help you out with the same problms it sounds like both of us have.
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I'm not sure what all your symptoms are?  Currently, most of my symptoms have come and gone briefly.  I've been feeling better for about 2 weeks now.  I still have dry, sometimes sticky lips.  My tongue looks abnormal, whitish color.  And my ejaculation seems half of normal.
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Did your red eyes go away my eyelids are red all the time unless I put eye drops into them and then some times I see red vains. They have not got to bad but they come and go I have the toung thing but not that wight just a little bit. What did they think you had?
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