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Hep C Oral Sex


About 10 weeks ago I had unprotected oral sex form an Asian massage worker

I had a general STD test and Hep B and HIV test test-all negative.

I had learnt from the event and felt that I had let it go.

I had never been concerened about Hep C not regarding it as an STD.

However I studpidly started googling and am now concerned about the risk associated with Hep C and receiving oral sex.

Most sites suggest that sex and Hepatitas C is extremely low (If it happens at all) but do not specify oral sex.

I had thought that Hep C was only in blood but some sites suggest that it is in saliva.

Please advice- am v confused.

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Our site specifies that, in order to allow others to ask their questions, clients are limited to two questions per six month periods.  This is your third.  I will briefly answer this question and that will be the end of this exchange.  Please, no further questions until at least December.

Until recently most experts felt that hepatitis C was not transmitted sexually.  Recently that has been modified as there have been a few reports of rare transmission of hepatitis C through receptive rectal intercourse.  Hepatitis C is transmitted through blood contamination and is not transmitted through oral sex.  

Your experience is an excellent example of why we urge clients not to search the internet for clues to their risk.  While the internet can be an excellent source of communication and information from established sources, it is also a place where there is a huge amount of mis-information which typically leads to misunderstanding and unnecessary worry.  This is what has happened to you.  Take care.  EWH
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