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Herpes dore or rub burn?


With my current mate, we "grinded" with clothes on rather vigorously ten days ago.  I do not wear underware, and I was wearing jeans at the time, and afterward I had this horrible rub burn (I know, dumb).  I had no sore that morning, but that afternoon after that episode, I was in some pain.  I had rubbed an area raw the size of a dime about a half an inch below the glans in the front just off center to the right.  We were amorous for the next day and "bumping" into it only made it worse.  It was so sensitive that even wearing a condom that night was too painful.  Two days later after not being in an agitating environment, it scabbed over.  The scabs fell away a week later.

Now (just 10 days after initial incident) it is very itchy and red, and still tender (I picked some of the remaining scab away).  I do not see any blisters, but there does seem to be a few very small dark red spots on the raw red patch.  I do not know if those spots are from where I picked the specks of scab off, or what.  You have to look really hard to see them.

1) Does this sound like a herpes incident or sore?
2) Can you spontaneously create a herpes sore with vigorous rubbing?
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I think you are a victum of your own, safe but high energy encounter.  As you point out, vigorous rubbing can cause irritation and sore areas just like what you describe.  Normally, such areas do not hurt initially but become more sensitive over time, again, just in the way you describe.  If the irritation is sore enough, scabs form and although it is often overlooked, itching is typical of the healing process which goes with scabs.  The redness and tenderness that you found under where the scab was is also typical of the healing process.  Thus, to summarize, everythng you have described is consistent with rubbing yourself raw and then healing, not with an STD.

This is in no way consistent with herpes, nor is your exposure.  Herpes cannot be transmitted throguh clothes.  Don't worry, this is not herpes.  EWH
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