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Hi Doctor,

I am wondering if it's possible to have herpes inside a penis?
If so, how likely will that be?

I am having occassional itching, tingling, and some kind of sensation at the tip of my penis and sometimes inside of the penis.  Do these sound like herpes to you?  

The worst thing is that I don't have these feelings anymore as soon as I go to washroom to check it out, can these symptoms caused by my anxiety?

Actually, I have had a swab test done 3 months ago, so I am wondering could these sensation cause by the swab?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Yes, herpes can occur inside the penis.  But in virtually every case, the symptoms are not subtle; horrible pain is the rule, especially during urination.  Many research studies of nonchlamydial urethritis and other men with symtoms like yours have given consistent results:  no HSV.

I am not a mental health professional, but my guess is that when a person suspects his or her symptoms are due to anxiety or stress, they usually are right.  I suspect your symptoms indeed are anxiety-related and not reflective of any continuing infection.  Swab-induced irritation would not last more than a few days.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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Sorry Doctor, just a little more history of my symtpoms:
I usually don't have those itching/tingling and weird sensation when I am off work and back home.

Also, could you please describe how long does the itching/tingling feeling usually last if it's really caused by herpes? (persistent?)

Thanks again!
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Oh, actually, there is one more thing of my symptoms:
Compared with other parts of skins of my penis, the tip of my penis looks relatively red (especially after masturbation).  Could this redness caused by the Aldara cream for warts, which I have used for 2 weeks in around 2 months ago?
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Aldara can cause irritation and redness, but not persistent for 2 months after the last dose; and not increased by masturbation.  Increased blood flow to the genitals occurs during sexual arousal, so pink tissues appear redder.  This sounds normal to me.

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Anyhelp, this is your third question about this same issue, please let others be able to post messages that don't involve updates to your previous questions, thanks!
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Hi Daisy,
This is not the same issue as the ones before, and none of thing that I have mentioned in this post repeated in the previous post.  For sure, I will not repeat my question to take up other people chances of posting their questions.
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Thank you very much Doctor!  I feel much relieved now!
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