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Hiv testing

Hello, General Hiv testing question, Had unprotected vaginal sex with a lady on 4 seperate encounters, she has assured me that she is hiv neg, had a a antibody test done at aprox 53 days after exposure , result negative. Test was done in Calgary , Alberta Canada. Was told that test was MEIA, question is -  is this as reliable as ELISA and if not is 7.5 weeks reliable? Will not get into symptons or lack of as i understand this is no clear indication of infection regardless. The test was done at an STD clinic and was told procedure is re-testing at 3 and 6 months, Thank you for your time
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I'm not familiar with the abbreviation MEIA, but EIA is the same as ELISA.  (EIA = Enzyme ImmunoAssay, just a short version of ELISA = Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay).  I don't know what the M stands for.  But I am certain that any such test licensed for use in Canada is just as good as any other test.  I'm sure the 7.5 week test is reliable, but some clinics and public health experts still give conservative advice to retest in 3 months.  Few recommend 6 months.  In any case, it sounds like you had zero-risk exposure.  You can be rock-solid, 100% certain you don't have HIV (assuming there aren't other more recent exposures you don't describe).

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Thank you for your promt and to the point answer
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M stands for microparticle.
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Went for my 14 week follow up test today, my test at 7.5 weeks was negetive, as my original post indicated. My concern is when i went for my 14week follow up was told at the std clinic that my previous test was only 50% accurate. This has me terribly concerned as i have a week left to wait for my results , any comments would be helpfull , thanks from alberta canada
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