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How long..?

Dear Doc,

Thanks for your time for answering my question.

Would "symptoms" like back pain or leg pain of HIV/ARS or anything related last for 8 months since exposure? I'm thinking not, but wanted to make sure to ease my mind. Should I be checking for something else (like disc problems)? Would depression/stress be related to any of this? Thanks again.
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That symptom does not suggest HIV/ARS.  (Also see my reply to the thread immediately before yours ("Are pain muscle and joints the early symptoms of HIV?").

You don't give nearly enough information for me to guess as to the actual cause of your symptoms, but see a health care provider if you are concerned.  People who suspect their symptoms are related to anxiety or stress probably are at least partly right most of the time.

Good luck--
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One other thing, the exposure would have been from possible 5 second oral on another male.
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If your read a few threads from this forum (which your probably had) you know by now that your HIV fears are ureasonable and unfounded.  I say this in a good way.  I'm sure that 99% of the people that come here to seek help and comfort wish they had your odds of been infected.

However I leave the risk assessment to the good Dr. HHH

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If your only concern is 5 seconds of oral 8 months ago, then you could get a test done now and be sure you are negative. I doubt you ever had to be worried over 5 seconds of oral anyway.
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Thanks for the reply.. Not really had fever, rash, or anything like that (besides stuff I've worked up).. But, to ease my mind, even if it was something, would it still be hanging around after 8 months? Thanks again..
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.. I did go to the dr with a sebacceous (sp) cyst on my face, Which was probably from stress. Is it true anything with pus is not HIV related?
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You are wasting your time poking around for ARS, a test will set your mind free.
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