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Hpv worries

Dr. I test my blood glucose levels regularly.  Recently I fingered a lady other than my wife.  I had taken my glucose level about 28 hours earlier.  Would that increase the chances of me getting hpv through the lancet wound.  If so could I transmit it to my wife either digitally or through intercourse?
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In reading your comment I can say that the basis for your concern, the idea that abrasions of other problems with skin integrity can enhance risk for HPV acquisition is the case.  Current research does indicate that small abrasions and other factors which make it easier for HPV to gain access deeper than the skin surface to appear to make it easier to establish infection  (think of it as the virus being sort of massaged into the skin).  Having acknowledged that however, practical experience indicates that the scenario you describe is essentially no risk.  At least part of the reason for this is that the types of HPV which infect the genital tract do not effectively infect other skin surfaces such as finger tips.  The method of transmission that you describe has been worried about often but there is NO scientific data to suggest that it is a problem at all.  you do not need to worry.  

Hope this helps.  There is no reason for you to worry. EWH
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