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I did the dumbest thing in my life and now I think I am paying for it!!!!????!!!

Please Help Me,
Eleven days ago I did the dumbest thing in my life.  I am 24, and currently studying in Germany and after too much to drink I stumbled into a "Cabaret."  While there I hooked up with one of the workers.  She performed protected oral sex on me, while I (like an idiot) performed unprotected oral sex on her, as well as fingered her. She never orgasmed though.  Since then I have been going crazy as to what I have, and have been scouring the internet for possible symptoms. She told me she was clean, but people lie all the time. I also called the Cabaret to ask them if the women get tested regularly, and was told that they do need too, and neither do I, and if I have I problem then to come by, which to me sounds like a cop out.  In the last few days, the opening around my urethra has become red, and itches a little, though only when I think about it, or worry about what I have, and it burns a little after I urinate.  I have also developed a cold sore on my lip.  Both of these symptoms can be attributed to stress, but today came the scariest thing in my life.  After I urinated this afternoon, I milky white substance leaked from my penis. It looked similar to semen, though near not as thick. My urine also smells horrible, like rotten eggs. I do take a protein supplement for my workouts, and I take a lot of vitamins, a whole food vitamin, plus extra vitamin C and E, could this be the cause?  I am so scared I think I am going to have a heart attack. I haven't really slept for weeks, and my hair is falling out, but I know both of those are due to emotional stress. The worst part is that I am engaged and my fiancee is coming to visit me in 38 days. I am so scared to tell her, because she will definitely leave me, but I do not want to give her anything, and I don't want to lose her over one night of drunken stupidity and intense loneliness. I have an appointment to have the full STD screening, but not until next Thursday, it was the quickest they could fit me in. So I guess my questions are:
- Do I have an STD, or really what are the chances and possible STDs I have acquired? I thought that the bacterial infections couldn't travel from the throat to the genitals (ie gonnoreah, chlamydia, and syphillis.)
- What are the chances that I have acquired HPV, HSV-2, HIV or Hepititis? HSV-2 from the mouth to the genitals?!?
- Could this be a urological infection?
- I have been checking my penis every 20 minuets and there is no additional leakage, is that normal for the bacterial infections?
-What could the redness and irritation around the urethra be attributed too, if not an STD?
- Should I just go to the City emergency clinic ASAP?
Thank you very much for your time, as I really appreciate it, hopefully your response can get me through the next ten days.
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There are lots of questions there, lots of symptoms, and obviously lots of anxiety--most of which probably is unwarranted.  I will try to answer briefly, but the bottom line is that you need to see a health care provider with STD experience.  I don't know about city emergency services in Germany, but that sounds a bit extreme.  I suggest you telephone the city or district health department about STD services; or assuming you're in a metropolitan area, the local medical school or university probably has a dermatovenerology service.  (In Germany and most of the Continent, unlike the US and UK, STD services typically are provided by dermatologists.)

In the meantime, some comments.  Oral sex is low risk.  Your performance of cunnilingus carries virtually no risk for you, and receiving fellatio is an extremely rare source of acquring HIV (it may not occur at all); and there is low to zero risk from either exposure for chlamydia, HPV, HSV-2, or hepatitis.  Since you have oral herpes yourself, you are immune to catching HSV-1, even if she had oral herpes.  In theory syphilis can be so transmitted, but my understanding is that syphilis currently is uncommon in heterosexuals in Germany--and your symptoms don't suggest syphilis anyway.

The most likely STDs are gonorrhea or nongonococcal urethritis, and it is conceivable that one of these explains itching, redness around the opening of the penis, and apparent urethral discharge.  A medical professional should evaluate this.  But you can be 100% certain that none of your other symptoms is due to any STD or other infection from the encounter you describe (hair loss, urine odor, etc).  (Urine odor is determined only by what you eat and drink.)  You are right that infection does not travel from a person's throat to genital area.

The bottom line is that your should see a health professional about your discharge and penile irritation; and also follow that person's advice about your risks in general and your other symptoms.  However, you can be very certain that nothing immediately dangerous is going on and that you aren't at risk for herpes, HIV, or hepatitis.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Doc, he says his exposure only consisted of protected oral sex. IF his recollection is correct and  as a condom was used couldn't he totally discount the std's that cause a urethal discharge?
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Bigdaddy is right; I misread "protected" as "unprotected".  You could not have acquired NGU, gonorrhea, or any other STD from the encounter.  But still see a health care provider if your symptoms persist.

Thanks to BD for catching my mistake.

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Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease. I feel so much better; I still will definitely see a health care providor soon. I do have another addtitional comment. I noticed that on the inside of my urethra there seems to be white flecks, at the risk of a bad description, white paint chips, but very small, and I can wipe them off or awaus. I don't know if this helps, but it is something I failed to notice earlier. Thanks again for this great service, it has helped me so much. You truly are a godsend. Thanks to Big Daddy too for keeping an eye out.
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Hey Doc,

  I am getting an STD test through the City Health Services and will let you know the result. As for the discharge, it has yet to occur again, as I am paranoid, I have read further on the internet about the symptoms of this condition. I read that it could be Prostatic or Urethral Gland Secretions. Does this sound right? Anyway, thank you very much for your time and service, you have been more help to me than you know. I actually slept last night!!!! Thanks again, the world needs more men like you!!!!!
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My test is on Thusday afternoon, sorry.
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Hey Doc,

  I just figured I'd give you an update to let you know how things are.  I got pretty sick last night and went to a urologist today ( the great thing about Germany is that you don't need a referral).  I have prostatitis, which I really have no clue about. I know this isn't a urology forum, but I was hoping maybe you could give me some advice regarding this condition. My doctor was very nice, but his English is not very good. Thanks very much for your time.
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he never said he had HSV 1, but he probably gave it to that girl on her privates! or got it from that girl..
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