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I have HPV and don't want to give it to my new partner


I was recently diagnosed with a mild case of external genital warts; I now have a new partner and I’m very concerned about possibly infecting him with HPV/warts.

What is the risk level to him for:

1. Receiving oral sex from me without a condom
2. Giving me oral sex without a dental dam
3. Mutual touching (ourselves and each other)

If he does contract my HPV, what are the chances that he will actually develop warts?

After a certain amount of time passes, will we be able to assume that he will not develop warts?

Thank you!
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For starters, it is important to acknowledge that just about everyone has HPV infection I say this not to minimize your concerns but to put them into perspective.  You now have been recognized as having HPV.  You may have had it before now.  He may have HPV and not know it.  If he were to get it, it would be a nuisance, not a major health hazard.  This risk of transmission is a function of direct contact but, interestingly, genital warts are not readily spread to the oral mucosa (mouth) even with direct contact.  Now to your questions:

1. No risk whatsoever.
2.  Very low risk for him
3.  No risk

If he does contract HPV the only way you will know is if he develops warts.

Over time your warts will go away, either with treatment or by themselves.  Once they have been gone for 6 months, the chances they will recur and that you could give them to him are very small.

Hope this helps.  EWH
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