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I tested positive for gonorrhea and my husband positive for chlamydia

I am 16 weeks pregnant and my doctor told me I had gonorrhea. I have been with one man my husband for 11 years this is our third child. I did not have this infection with my other  two children (I was tested).  He tested positive for chlamydia. Thinking back I had no symptoms. I do know he had swelling problems in the past 2 years.  
How could our tests show different stds? Any help would be great.
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The situation you describe is most perplexing.  You should have been tested for both gonorrhea and chlamydia at the time of prior pregnancies.  In addition, it is most unusual for both you and your husband to have newly acquired but different sexually transmitted diseases.  Gonorrhea and chlamydial infection can occur together and as a result, it is not too uncommon for one member of a couple to have tests positive for both organisms while the other person has tests positive for only one.  It is unusual however for each person to be positive for one organism but not the other if they have passed the infection back and forth between them although it can happen.   My advice goes in two directions - first to try to find out what is going on and secondly to make sure that you and your unborn child are safe.

For either gonorrhea or chlamydia to be asymptomatic is not at all unusual so that part of your question is not a surprise.  The test results are however.  They suggest either some sort of mix up in the tests or a mix up in how the test results were reported.  

To sort out the problem, both you and your husband should be treated for both gonorrhea and chlamydia to make sure there are no infections lingering within your relationship - this is the safest approach for all concerned.  Before that however, to sort out the problem, I suggest that you both be tested, preferably before treatment to find out what, if any infections are truly present.

Hope this helps.  EWH
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