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IgM antibodies positive

I recently had a blood test to screen for herpes and HIV. I have never had symptoms of either herpes 1 or 2, neither genital nor cold sores. I had a test and it came back negative for type one and type two yet came back positive for herpes IgM antibodies at a 2.01 level. I was with a new partner and had oral and vaginal sex unprotected 2 and a half weeks ago which was 3 days before my test. I havn't experienced any symptoms but I'm not sure why that would say I am positive for IgM when I havn't had symptoms. Should I be retested?
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scared_half_to_death has paraphrased statements that Dr. Handsfield and I have made numerous times in this forum.  IgM tests indeed are worthless.  They tend to cross react with antibodies to many other organisms.  Furthermore, it takes more than 3 days after exposure for antibodies to become detectable.  Finally, your antibody value is rather low, another finding characteristic of false positive tests.  I doubt that you have herpes or that if you do, you acquired it from the exposure you describe.  My advice, forget about it and move on.  Hope this helps.  EWH
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The IGM test is useless. It is inappropriate to perform it on adults. Please search for IGM in the expert forum. You will find many posts on this.

If you feel the need to get tested for Herpes. Get a type specific test like HerpesSelect. Make sure that you are clear on the test name with your doctor before you have it.

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