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In Regards to Repeat Vaginal Yeast Infection

I am a 31 y/o male. I had 2 instances of unprotected sex with a female coworker in early October (stupid-I hear you).I had unprotected sex with my GF and she developed a yeast infection approximately 2 weeks after we had unprotected sex. Her dr. prescribed her some yeast tablet and it went away. She had her period. We had sex when her period went away. Approx. 1-2 weeks passed at which time she developed another yeast infection. Her dr. did a test for trich and chlam and both were neg. I looked at an irritation on her inner labia which she describes to be itchy. There is no foul odor or irregular discharge.There appeared to be a small patch (dime size)that looked like cold sores. They never crusted. Herpes? A subsequent yeast swab detected yeast only in 1 of 3 tests. What does that mean? She also is not diabetic.

I am asymptomatic.

After reading the forum sites and looking at HIV sites regarding repeat yeast infections, I am thoroughly freaked out about having HIV. This has prompted me to get an HIV test and a herpes test. The questions I have are:

1)What is the relation to repeat vaginal yeast infections to HIV? At what point does that start?

2)Are repeat vaginal yeast infections because of bacteria from one vagina to another?

3) Any info on your part would shed some light! I get my HIV test back in 5 days and my Herpes in 2 weeks.

I just wanted to add for all the other forum readers out there. Cheating on your BF/GF is completely stupid. There is absolutely nothing that is worth compromising your own health, and mosre importantly, the health and LIFE of someone you should be in love with. Just something I learned AFTER the fact. I hope I have a second chance.
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If your partner indeed has recurrent yeast infections, and not something else, almost certainly it has nothing to do with you.  Few if any cases of candida vulvovaginitis (the medical term) are acquired from partners.  Although recurrent yeast infections have been cited as consequences of HIV infection, this actually is not a particularly common consequence of HIV; and to the extent it occurs, generally it is a sign of advanced immunodeficiency that occurs many years after acquiring HIV, not as part of a syndrome of early HIV infection.  Add to that the low risk of men acquring HIV from any single episode of vaginal sex, and you really have nothing to be concerned about along these lines.

as you have learned, the STD most commonly confused with candida VVC (and vice versa) is herpes, and conceivably that could explain some or all of your partner's symptoms. However, the dime-sized "patch" doesn't particularly sound like herpes; and like HIV, the likelihood is very low that you acquired asymptomatic HSV from the exposures you describe (although not as low as for HIV).  Indeed, if your girlfriend turns out to have herpes, she could well have acquired it from a former pertner, not necessarily from you--unless you are her only lifetime partner.

To answer your specific questions:  1) See above; fairly uncommon and generally with late HIV disease.  2) Yeasts are not acquired primarily by sex; all women carry yeasts some of the time either in their intestines/feces or vaginas, and sometimes they overgrow.  3) You probably can relax while you await your test results.  It is unlikely you acquire either HIV or HSV during your lapse in sexual safety.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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While you wait for Dr. Handsfield's reply, as someone who has had a zillion yeast infections in my life I can tell you that they are simply an overgrowth of the normal yeast in your vagina - definitely not a result of bacteria from another woman's vagina. They can be caused by antibiotics, birth control pills, her period - anything that upsets the natural balance of vaginal flora. They're really very common and not a big deal at all. I personally wouldn't be even slightly worried about HIV because of two yeast infections, even within a month of each other.

Herpes, on the other hand, might be an issue, since it's often misdiagnosed as yeast - and because you describe seeing a patch that looked like cold sores. But even if it is, it doesn't mean you gave it to her; she could just as well have entered the relationship with it - in fact, both of you could. And if you have HSV1 orally, you could have given it to her genitally through oral.

Don't let your guilt take over and cause you to overreact to any of this. You really don't have anything to freak about. So you didn't use condoms with your other partner; that's not great, but you only had two encounters with her and the risks of contracting any STD during that time are pretty low. You'll be fine, and so will your gf :-)
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You're the bomb. Good answer.
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lol :-) Thanks! I'm glad you found my post helpful :-)
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My girlfriend and I both were getting Genital yeast infections for no reason that we could find until I started researching Candida infections and found that most likely, our diet was to blame.  She is eating more yogurt now and drinking Danactive (http://www.danactive.com).  I don't like either of those so I'm taking acidophilis supplements.  Neither of us has had a yeast infection in a long while since doing this.
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I generally do not comment on users' advice posted on the STD forum, unless I think misinformation is being provided.  Neither diet nor Danactive (or any other commercial lactobacillus preparation) will have have any benefit.

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I am awake late again tonight. Thank you Dr. for easing my mind. Amazing what reading words will do. Thanks to those who have come to comment to help as well. A couple of days more and counting. I'll be back to leave you all an update.
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Okay doctor. Another question related to the original answer you left. Based upon the timeline of my GF's yeast infections, this would merely suggest coincidence and not HIV? I am curious because she is going through another bout with a yeast infection...Still waiting for the test and thanks in advance!
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