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I kissed a girl in a dark place and after the kissing i realized she had what it looked like an old cut just below her lip. It did not seem bleeding but it looked red.  She told me she got punched a few days earlier.  my concerns are as follow;;

1) Can I get HIV from the agressive kissing if she in fact was bleeding, I assume if she had an external injury she may have one in the inside of her mouth

2) I took an HIV test on Tuesday (at my GP) , I called the doc today (Friday afternoon) and was told results are not ready yet. I am ansious as I understand ELISA takes 2 days to process.  Shuold the delay imply anything with regards to the results.

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1) Nobody is known to have ever acquired HIV by kissing, even when cuts etc were present.  It probably can occur, but is very rare.

2) I doubt you can draw any inferences from the time it takes for test results to return.  It is dependent less on the result (positive or negative) than on simple operational aspects:  when the specimen was drawn, when it arrives in the lab, when the lab does its next test run, and when the lab sends out the results.  (Most labs don't just run an HIV ELISA individually when it arrives in the lab. The run a batch when enough specimens have come it to make it more efficient than running one test at a time.)

Good luck-- HHH, MD
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It is impossible to get HIV from kissing.  ZERO chance.  It has never happened.  If it did happen, we would ALL have HIV by now.
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what about potential exposure to blood?

Also do you know what's normal turnaround time for HIV test if all is normal.  Thanks I am obsessing a bit.
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I took an HIV test in my doctor's office this past summer and it took a week to get the results.  My test was negative.

You will not get HIV from kissing.
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thanks I feel a bit better.  But if blood got in my mouth would you still consider the risk to be Zero or minimal and would not in any event warrant testing (despite the fact I already took the test).  Thanks
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