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Las Vegas Encounter

Facts:  Male, mid 30's
In mid October, I had sex with a women stranger in Las Vegas ( a night I can barely remember).  She could be considered high risk category.   After the initial encounter, I had pain the urethra, tingling in the testicles lymph node swelling.   I have tested negative for STD's (twice) and HIV (at 2.5 months).   As well, other blood work (Hep etc) was fine.  However, I continue to have the following symptoms (3.5 months after encounter):  

1) Noticeable penis pain the urethra and purple discoloration of the head of the penis.  2) Pain in the groin area and right testicle 3)Swollen lymph nodes in the neck, occasional sore throat and clicking noise when I swallow (also more sensitive when flying).  3)Runny semen and smaller volume of semen during orgasm.   4)Occasional blood at the entrance of rectum and discomfort in rectal area (I have hemmroids too).   My doctor subsribed Doxycycline for 2 weeks and it seemed to clear up the symptoms in the urethra.  As well, the STD clinic gave me an antibiotic for Chlamydia and Gonn.   Upon taking the medications, I then got a fungal rash in the genital area.  A dermatologist subsribed cyprolox? lotion which has mostly cleared this up.  

Today (Feb. 2): The purple color in the head will not go away.   Sitting in the hot-tub seems to give relief and the pain is more noticeable in the evenings.   As well, during orgasm, there is discomfort in the penis area.   I still also have discomfort in rectal area (does not seem to be Hemmroid linked).

I am going to get tested again for HIV but do you have any ideas what I might have?   I really feel as though I was infected with something even though the STD clinic is saying not to worry.   My body is telling me something different.  

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The only symptom you describe that suggests an STD is the initial urethral pain, which could have been due to urethritis (gonorrhea, chlamydia, NGU).  However, with negative STD tests twice and with doxycycline and other antibiotics, you can be assured that's not a problem now.  None of your other symptoms suggest STD at all.  If youe penile skin really is discolored, see a dermatolgist--but color alone without actual rash probalby isn't even abnormal, maybe just natural changing of pigment with age (??).  Most people who perceive their own lymph nodes to be enlarged are wrong--that's a sign than needs to be confirmed by a health professional before I can coment further.  Cerrtainly the rectal bleeding/hemorrhoids, changes in semen character or volume, and swallowing symptoms do not suggest anything significant.

All in all, it sounds like the STD clinic is right.  If your symptoms persist, see your personal physician, but you can be confident that an STD or HIV is not in the picture.  All your symptoms probably are coincidental with your sexual exposure in Las Vegas, except for the possibility that anxiety over the event may be contributing.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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I have a similar story. 2 weeks after unprotected insertive oral sex with "Pro" I got that fullness in the ears feeling, pain in the urethra and testicles, happened more during ejaculation (protected sex with wife) and urinating. Also noticed that the semin was very inconsistent.(small clear lumps through out it?) Have small blemish on top of shaft that has flaked over several times. Also had pain in the rectal area. I read that sometimes the lymph nodes in that area can swell causing pain. Discomfort in the general groin area. Also swollen lymph nodes in the neck confirmed by MRI. Many other symptoms as well. I tested for several stds and neg. My biggest worry is HIV and have tested Neg. out to 4 months by 4 PCR and several Elisa tests. So it does not appear to be HIV but I am not done testing yet. I will be testing out to 6 months to one year. Because PCR is not to be used for routine screening, although is an accurate early test and the 6 month CDC window period with Elisa testing is why I will continue testing.
I,m just being very very thorough. I really don't think your test results or mine will change. Hopefully our symptoms will!

Be Good
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