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Lump/wart in urethral

Hello Doctor,

5 months ago i had unprotected sex with a prostitute.  Approx 1 month after that i developed a rash on the back of my head and also on my chest.  I saw a dermatologist who gave me cream and said this was an infection of my sweat glands.  It has pretty much gone and has just left some flat marks.

3 months after i had sex i noticed what looked like skin poking out my urethral..  When i opened it up it looked like there was some loose skin almost as if a blister had popped.  I removed it and it was only attached slightly to my meatus.  There was a slight bleeding but no real pain.  I monitored this for about the next 4 weeks as it left a small mark.  Some days it was quite visable but other not so much.  3 weeks ago it seemed to have gone.  Yesterday i noticed that something was again at the opening of my urethral and when i checked there was a large white mark.  It was slightly raised.

Could this be a genital wart.  Can they come and go in this way.  Can there be only one wart?  There is no pain, or discharge.  Also is it likely to be connected to the rash on the other parts of my body.  The rate from which it seemed to have gone to which it has returned has really panicked me.  I has been going through a really bad time lately and have been under a lot of stress so also wondered if this could be something to do with it.

I have been tested for HIV and syphillis and tested negative.

Thanks in advance
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Welcome to our Forum.  I'll be happy to comment.  Let me first assure you that the rash you had on your back and head, which is called folliculitis, is a common problem unrelated to the sexual encounter you describe and is the result of clogged pores.  Folliculitis is not an STD.

As for the recurring bit of abnormal tissue you have noted at the opening of your urethra, this iis most unlikely to be a wart.  Warts do not come and go in the way you describe.  My suspicion is that what you describe may well be normal variation in the mucosal surface that you happened to notice.  It does not sound like a typical STD.  Because this has caught your attention however, I would recommend that you get this checked out by an experienced clinician, preferably a urologist.  In the meantime, I would urge you not to pick or pull at the lesions as this might lead to scarring and lasting damage.

As I said above, I doubt this is anything serious.  I hope my comments help. EWH
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Thanks very much for your help Doctor.  I will go and get this checked.
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Glad to help. EWH
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