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Mystery vibration - STD?

Hello doctors. Yes, I am back. I have truly debated whether or not to post but I am completely at my wits end with this. I am a 29 year old male who almost a year ago recieved unprotected oral sex with no other reciprocation or action taken. You can refer to my previous post for the entire story.

The reason I'm here again is this: I have a recurring vibration sensation in my groin/prostate/penis area (it moves) that started about 2 months and has been on and off for the past 9 months now. It went away for about a month completely, and now it's back. I'm at a loss. I've checked the other forums and I saw that Dr. Singh in the urology forum said that it could be caused by an STD. Not sure what. I spent many months and LOTS of money with urologists (one who scared me silly with stories of STDs from Southeast Asia (America?)) that are tough to cure. I'm not sure if I have prostatis due to stressing about the possible exposure I had back when this whole thing started or what this is. I was treated for STDs, but my partner has not been and we have had relations since the incident (he is unaware). He shows no signs, symptoms or other problems. I really don't know what to do except go get tested yet again or see another urologist (seen 2 already). Could this just be caused by ongoing worrying - like a cycle (worry = vibration = worry = vibration, REPEAT)??? Please help me. I am truly lost on how to finally put this behind me. I've scoured the forums and there are NO definite answers (not one!) to mystery buzzing in men's groin area. Thank you in advance for your patience and time.
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Welcome back to our Forum.  I'll be happy to try to help. There are no STDs that I am aware of that cause a vibrating sensation in the genital regions.  Very advanced syphilis (i.e. syphilis which has been present for more than a decade can cause shooting pains but these pains are quite severe and not manifest as a buzzing sensation. If you had this, your syphilis blood test would be positive so, if you have not already been tested, a syphilis blood test can rule out this possibility.  I would be flabbergasted if you turned out to have syphilis as the cause of this discomfort.

There is a lot of internet-fueled worry about herpes causing chronic, neuropathic pain but there is no scientific evidence that this is the case and many excellent scientists have considered the possibility.

I would have to respectfully disagree with the statements that the urologists you refer to have made and would welcome any scientific data to the contrary.  Until then however, I will continue to maintain that there are no STDs that would cause a buzzing sensation in a person's groin.

I would agree with you however that when one is worried about the possibility of genital symptoms, people tend to focus on the genitals and when that happens, they notice sensations which probably occur but go unnoticed unless one if focused on the possibility of symptoms.  This is actually rather common.  In these cases the sensations are more often noticed at night (lights off, few distractions) or at other "quiet times" when such sensations can become apparent because there are no competing distractions.  Perhaps this is what is going on.

I hope these comments are helpful to you..  EWH .
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