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Need some clear thinking


On day 1 I had unprotected sex with an ex-girlfriend three times. Then on day 3 I had protected sex with a high risk prostitute. Then on day 5 I had unprotected sex with ex-girlfriend again. On day 8 I went to the doctor and he examined my genitals and found nothing suspicious. Tested me for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Herpes PCR from swapping tip of the penis. All which turn out negative. However, ex-girlfriend had a "yeast infection" on day 8. She said she had red irritated skin. She said she has had a yeast infection before and everything looked typical of that type of infection. She took Diflucan from a prescription the doctor gave her before and her infection disappeared completely after 5-6 days. I was just looking to get a professional opinion of these events.

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Welcome to the Forum.  I'll try to help.  It sounds as though you got lucky.  You have been examined by a trained professional who saw nothing of concern and were tested.  The PCR type tests are highly sensitive and at the time you tested, your test results are highly reliable.  You did not get an STI from the exposure you describe.  

Women get yeast infections from time to time and your partner sounds as though she's had similar problems before.  That you had contact with others at around the time she got her yeast infection is more likely to be a coincidence than anything else.

I would not worry further about the exposure that you describe and see no reason for additional testing.   However, I would urge you to use condoms in the future if you are going to have sex outside of your primary relationship.  

I hope this comment is helpful. EWH
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