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Oral HSV 2

If someone was performing oral sex on a person with genital HSV 2, would it be easy for that person to get Oral HSV - 2? How often would someone with Oral HSV - 2 shed the virus after an initial outbreak? Would this be quite rare for someone to pick up Oral HSV - 2 from kissing someone or lets say someone that has had oral HSV - 2 to transfer the virus to an infant or to another person?
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Given the frequency of oral sex among all sexually active persons, plus the high frequency of genital HSV-2 infection (25% of the US population), oral exposure to HSV-2 must be very common.  Nevertheless, oral herpes outbreaks due to HSV-2 are rare, and HSV-2 almost never is the cause of symptomatic oral cold sores.  It is not certain whether this is because the oral area is less susceptible than the genital area to HSV-2, or whether infection occurs but usually remains asymptomatic.  It
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Can you get hsv2 from someone giving you oral sex?
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According to the FAQ section , "there is no risk of acquiring genital HSV-2 infection from oral sex".  Although I also wonder if there is any recent studies of documented cases (given the fact that it is possible to get oral HSV-2)?
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I know it ---i seen pictures on the web of oral hsv 2 the person claimed they got them from kissing?
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