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Oral Sex - Gonorrhea/Chlamydia

Was in a large midwest city at a strip club and had unprotected oral sex (gave and received) for 15 minutes or so (each way) with a stripper (African American).  Came home and had persistent cough, which progressively intensified and became a sore throat by days 5-7....has not gone away (day 10), but improving.  No genital signs/sicknesses (there was some rubbing, but no penetration).  

Have read much of the online information, particularly regarding high-risk transmission of oral chlamydia/gonorrhea.  Questions include the following:

1)  What are the realistic % chances/likelihood of getting gonorrhea (or any other STD) thru cunnilingus or receipt of oral sex?

2)  If contracting an oral STD such as gonorrhea, will the bacteria clear by itself over time (both the symptoms and the disease itself)?

3)  On off-chance one has obtained an oral STD, what are the long-term risks?  Could this spread to blood/nervous systom?  If so, why isn't there a larger prevalance of this across USA?

4)  Any possibility of passing oral STD to girlfriend (only sexual partner for past 10 yrs outside of above)?

5)  Have tried to find a clinic to get a simple test, but finding it very difficult to find a clinic/lab to administer a throat culture, outside of a private doctor.  Should I look for an Eyes, Ears, Mouth doctor, or can an urologist handle all of above?

6)  Is there a test/treatment w/o involving a doctor visit (CVS or other system)?

7)  Any other concerns, such as NGU, Trich, others (she had no visible sores, oral or vaginal so have avoided HSV questions)?

8)  Recommendations on how to proceed?  Do I need a full battery of tests?

Thank you very much.
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You had a single oral sex exposure, giving an receiving.  Questions to be addressed are what could you have gotten, either through receipt of oral sex (i.e. your penis) or by giving it - your throat.  In addition to addressing these questions, please search this site regarding oral sex- there are lots of other posts which contain a lot of information.

What could you get from receiving.  Nongonococcal urethritis or gonorrhea (you would probably have symptoms -urinary burning or urethral discharge) or, possibly herpes due to HSV-1 if you have never had a cold sore before and she did at the time.

What could you get in your mouth.  Gonorrhea is the main concern.

Now to your questions:

1.  In both cases, low.  Your partner was not likely to be infected and even if she was, most exposures do not lead to infection.  There are no well established percentages on this but certainly less that 10%, if she was infected.
2.  Yes, in about 50-75% of cases.  this can occur within two to three weeks.
3.   Very low.  Very, very rarely a throat gonorrhea infection can go to the blood stream to cause an arthritis syndorme.  I would not worry about ***.
4.  Also possible but very unlikely
5.  Your health department STD Clinic should be able to do this.  A urologist would be unlikely to help.  Same for an ENT doctor.  If your regular doctor puts their mind to it, they could certainly arrange this as well.
6.  No
7.  NGU but it would be symptomatic.  If present with urethral burning or discharge from your penis is should be easily diagnosed and treated.
8.  No.  Your sore throat is unrelated.  I would check with he local health department if you wish to get checked.  You risk is quite low however and I would not be concerned if you chose not to pursue it further in the absence of symptoms.  Should symptoms occur, you need to be treated.

Hope this helps.  EWH
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Man I just posted this right after you. I'm in the same boat! I'd love to see an answer. Except, so far, I don't have any symptoms.
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If anyone with a degree of expertise could expand on the above answer - I'd certainly appreciate it.  I have read about 70 pages of posts from the doctors and am trying to get all of the facts straight.  In summary my understanding of what I have extracted from the posts (please feel free to let me know if I got something wrong)  -

If a man contracts an oral gonorrhea by performing unprotected oral sex on a male or female (albeit with different percentage probabilities of contracting the illness based on the sex of the partner), there is a very limited possibility of passing that oral gonorrhea along to a future female partner because the illness is in the back of the throat.  

Oral gonorrhea will most likely clear up on its own without medication and in most cases will not spread to the blood or nervous system and cannot manifest itself as a genital gonorrhea

If a man receives oral sex from a man or woman who has oral gonorrhea and his penis becomes infected there is a very high probability of passing that disease along to a future female partner via either vaginal or oral sex (10% or greater) and that transmission can occur immediately after infection.

A high probability for syphilis transmission requires contact between broken skin and an open sore, although syphilis is a very rare disease.  It is possible but unlikely to be spread without this type of contact.  

In the event of mutual unprotected oral sex with one or more "high risk" males, with or without ejaculation, prophylactic treatment for syphilis and gonorrhea is advisable, and testing should be done regardless as there is a 10% probability that there will be no symptoms displayed.  

Thanks - any experts out there - please feel free to correct anything I have misunderstood.  I hope this summary pulled from a collection of posts is helpful to anybody whop has made a recent error in judgment and strayed from the path they knew they should have stayed on - ie ME!
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