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Oral Sex, Genital Warts, HIV, and whatnot

Dear Doctor,

I have a few short, specific questions.   Basically, I'm 25 years old, and have had very few sexual experiences in my life.  My last STD panel and HIV test was "conclusive" and everyting came out negative.  

1.  Genital Warts:   How do I know if I have genital warts?  I have always suspected that I had genital warts in my urethra (I'm a  male) or at the tip of the meatus.  I've done research, so I can tell you that there is NO cauliflower growth in that area.  Nor is there any growth that bleeds easily.   When I pull apart my urethra, the mucous membrane insides looks like it has "flat canker sores" that are the same color and consistency as the mucous membrane.  

    During college at the University of Florida, I went to the Student Health Center, which I assume has lots of experience in STDs.  I had the doctor look at my urethra and he said that it was just part of normal anatomy.   Also, when I lived in another state (major city), I went to a private doctor (MD), and she said the same thing.   I admit that I did not notice "this so-called normal anatomy" until I was worried one day about STDs."

    It does not hurt.   Also, my urethra and meatus are always like this.  It's not something that goes aways and comes back.  Does this sound like genital warts?  

2.  After my conclusive STD/HIV panel, I allowed a woman (stripper/escort) to perform a blow job on me for about 20 to 30 seconds, but let's assume the worst case scenario of 45 to 60 seconds.   NO deepthroating or teething went on.

    What's my risk here for HIV/STDs?    

I'm really worried here.  Do I need to take a PCR?  Very scared and sad about this, doctor.  This has been my only exposure since my conclusive STD/HIV panel, and now I feel that I've done something to ruin my life.

3.  After the blow job, I was worried about STDs, because immediately the next day (i.e., less than 24 hours later), my meatus was really sensitive and sort of red (just very subtly).   But I don't know any STDs that pops up in 24 hours.  Or is there????    But let's assume it was 24 hours.

It's been 7 days, and the meatus is still VERY slightly tender (ALTHOUGH only off and on).  I'm thinking that it could be my clothes rubbing up against it, or maybe too much jerking off.   I have had no discharge at all, no pain of urination.   I've had this issue in the past (maybe because I'm not circumsized), but still have always tested negative on gonno or chlymidia in the past).

4.   Also, is it true that when people are anxious about STDs, they have heightened sensitivity of their body?  For example, I do remember in college, I had sex with a female twice (unprotected).   For about one month, I could feel every tingle in my penis (just like now).  I took BOTH a urine sample for Gonno and Chlymidia AND the pain urethral swab.  Negative.

5. Whanot.  No whatnot...just want to say that you provide a good service.  That's all! :)

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1) Genital warts:  Genital warts are the visible manifestation of infection with certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV), primarily type 6 or 11.  If you do not have visible warts, then you don't have warts; that is, there is no test for warts except to look and see if they are present.  Equally important--and this probably is what you were getting at--aside from visible warts there is no way to know whether you are (or have been) infected with HPV 6, 11, or any other type.  If you have had 3 or more lifetime sex partners, though, the odds are you have been infected.  Everybody gets HPV.  I can't comment on what a doc saw or didn't see in your urethra several years ago, but you are right in your assumption that providers of student health care in US colleges and universities tend to be pretty expert in STDs and genital anatomy.  So you probably can rely on the advice you were given.

2) Fellatio is a pretty low risk activity.  Slight chance of gonorrhea and herpes (due to HSV-1), very low risk for syphilis and HIV; not much else.  See other threads on this; search for "fellatio", "STD transmission by oral sex", and "HIV transmission by oral sex."

3) You are right that STDs rarely if ever cause symptoms within 24 hours.  More likely physical or chemical irritation of some sort.  But see a health care provider if the symptom persists, or if you also develop discharge or visible lesions of any kind.

4) The point I have made about symptoms and anxiety isn't specific to STDs.  I don't think anxiety or stress create pain or other symptoms out of the blue.  However, a person's mental state can greatly influence how severe a symptom may be, and probably often can magnify a subtle, entirely normal body sensation and make it seem prominent, uncomfortable, or overtly painful.  For example, a person who has unexplained abdominal pain and fears cancer typically has much less severe pain (or none) once tests show a cause other than cancer, such as an ulcer.  This can be very dramatic--from a need for high-dose narcotics for adequate pain control to minor discomfort that requires no pain relievers at all.

You give a typical example as this relates to STD:  genital discomfort that would be entirely ignored (and perhaps not noticed) but for the fear of an STD.  In such situations, an exam by a knowledgeable health care provider and/or tests for the common STDs are far more reliable indicators as to whether an infection is present than are the symptoms.

Thanks for the compliment.  Regards--  HHH, MD
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You said that I should be vigilant about discharge.

What kind of discharge are we talking about?

Are we talking about a "tear drop," or "lots of discharge?"  

So, far...nothing out of the ordinary.  I'm going in for a urine test tomororw for gonno & chlym, if only to put my mind at rest.
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Abnormal urethral discharge is far and away the most common STD symptom in men.  The amount can vary.  Basically non-clear (cloudy, yellow, etc) thick dripping from the penis.  A small drop of clear mucus from time to time, especially after sexual arousal or ejaculation.

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Dr, I did not understand your following sentence, "A small drop of clear mucus from time to time, especially after sexual arousal or ejaculation."

Did you mean, this (i.e., small drop of clear mucous) is "normal" or not?
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Yes, I meant "is normal".  Sorry for the error.

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This is all too confusing for me, so I'm just going to test for gonnorhea and chlymidia. For example, I feel "pain" in my penis.  

I would think that this would make urinating painful.  Not even the slightest pain when urinating, not even the slightest.

Also, I've been looking for "drip." NONE, except for a tear drop every so often of clear fluid.  

No staining of my underwear either.

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