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Oral Sex and Menstrual Blood

Like many others on this forum I did something reckless after drinking too much and now I am wracked by concern and nervousness. Three days ago I picked up a Thai bar girl out here in Asia and we performed unprotected oral sex on each other. There was no other sexual activity. It was only after she had gone that I noticed blood stains on the tissues and I guessed it must have been her period. I'm not sure how long I was down on her but I doubt if it was too long as I was pretty drunk at the time. Now I have read that the chance of contracting HIV through oral sex is minimal but there are a few factors that concern me. One, obviously is the menstrual blood. Does that make me more at risk? And two is that I am in my fifties and I suffer from Chron's Disease and already have a fairly weak immune system. Would that also be a factor to consider? The final thing is that when this happened a few days ago I was suffering from a cold and a sore throat. All in all, I consider myself very foolish and would appreciate any advice you may offer.

Your site is of great help to the many of us that have at one time or another done something very foolish and to the many others in the future who will also come to this site seeking help.

Thanks in advance.
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In theory, oral contact with menstrual blood might slightly raise the risk of HIV or hepatitis B transmission.  But still the risk is too low to measure and to my knowledge no such cases have ever been documented.  Your Crohn's disease and possibly weaked immune system don't increase the risk.  My advice is to just put the entire event out of your mind.  But if you are especially worried and need the reassurance of a negative HIV test result, get tested a few weeks after the event.  Assuming you have no other HIV risks you don't mention, you can be 100% confident the result will be negative.

Good luck--  HHH, MD
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Thank you Dr Handsfield for your reassurance. There were no other HIV risks that I am aware of. I will do, as suggested, and get tested as soon as feasible. Here, the clinics won't test you until 3 months after the suspected exposure so I shall wait until then.

Thank you once again.
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