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Oral hpv from cin3

Hi i need urgent help

My girl friend has been diognassed with CIN3  bout 3 years now
Even she had opereation on her vigane for cin 3

She just went check up for cin3 and cells still there and doctor said makre sure have sex with me protected

How ever i i have been having sex unprotected oral and vaginal sex with her for a year
Plus i have been given her oral sex for most time

Now i have a bumps so many of them at my bottom lips
And white thounge.  And inside my cheeks in mouth i have bumps. One each side

And had bad tonsils

And broken skin inside my mouth??

Am i at risk of hpv???

As i have mouth problems having last 3 months
Keep beoken skin inside mouth
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Welcome to the forum.  I'll try to help.  The bottom line is that you probably don't have oral HPV and if you do you are at little risk of any harm from it.  You shouldn't be at all worried.

You can assume your mouth indeed has been repeatedly exposed to your partner's HPV infection.  Same for your genitals, or course.  (Interesting that you seem to be more concerned about oral than genital exposure.  Why is that?)  However, HPV does not infect the mouth as readily as genital tissues; and if you were infected, which could have been a year ago, it probably has cleared up by now.  Oral HPV rarely causes warts, cancer, or any other health problem; and the HPV types most likely to result in CIN3 generally don't cause warts anyway.  Your tonsils, mouth sores, etc make no known difference in the risk of catching oral HPV or the chance of future health problems from it.

Everyone has minor bumps on the lips, the lining of the mouth, etc; most likely you are simply noticing normal mucus glands.  However, if you are concerned they may be abnormal, you should visit your doctor or dentist.  Based on your description, it is very unlikely you have warts or anything abnormal.

So mellow out and stop worrying about this. You should not change your sexual habits or practices with your partner.  You're already exposed and likely infected, but as for the vast majority of HPV infections, especially in males, nothing bad is likely to ever result.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Thank you doctor for ur answer
As i tested all stds 2 weeks ago and all negavite
Never tested for hpv

Say if i have oral or genital hpv  what test i can get ? And find out

And as you said cin3 dont cause major health problems on male

İf i dont have it can i get vactinated aganist hpv??
İm also vaccinatef aganist hep b
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And does cin3 clear it self on male?
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There are no approved tests for HPV in men.  Some online labs offer tests for oral HPV, but they are not used regularly and the results are hard to interpret.  Even if positive, nothing can be done about it.

If you are under age 26, you may be a candidate for HPV vaccination.  However, it will not protect you from any HPV strains with which you already are infected, such as the one that caused your partner's abnormal pap smear.  But you could discuss it with your GP, or consider a visit to your local NHS GUM clinic for their advice.

CIN is not a disease in the way you are thinking about.  It is simply a notation about how advanced the pre-cancerous cells are in a woman with HPV of the cervix.  Your partner could have CIN1 or 2, or HPV with no CIN at all; none of it makes any difference  in your health.
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Thank you doctor im 27 and my girl friend 25
İm turkish and she is english
She has a son 2 year old
İ will visit my gp and local gum clinic
So i understand from your saying not so much to worry.
Plus how am i gonna know that when hpv effect me in serious?? İn time i mean if i have it
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The only important health consequence of oral HPV is cancer of the throat, which is caused by only one HPV type (HPV-16).  Even in those with HPV-16, probably under 1 in 1,000 develop cancer.  In the entire United States, there are only about 10,000 such cancers per year -- i.e. it's quite rare -- and I imagine the rates are about the same in the UK and the rest of Europe, including Turkey.

Despite your partner's abnormal pap smear, your risk for having oral HPV or throat cancer probably are no higher than anyone else's, i.e. very, very low.  I suggest that whenever you see your dentist for a routine appointment, ask him or her to examine your tonsils and the back of your throat and make sure they look normal.  That's all.
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Thank you doctor

My last quiestions please as you bern so helpfull

Does ever oral hpv clear it self in time??(months or years)  
Or always stay in my mouth?
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Most HPV infections are cleared by the immune system.  To my knowledge, this has not been specifically studied for oral HPV, but most likely there is no difference compared with genital or other infections.
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Dear sir i just went to expert mouth specialest and checked my mouth as i had blisters inside my cheeks and doctor given me oral tipical kortikosteroid cream to use inside my mouth(inside cheeks)
And told me i dont have a bad cells inside my mouth

So every1 who has a mouth hpv will cause a mouth cancer??
And is it take years for non smokers

Sorry to back on same quiestion.
If you dont answer i will understand and will put new post
Many thanks
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Even in people with oral HPV, oral a few get oral cancer -- as a guess, about 1 in 1,000.

Your thinking about this is not normal.  If you cannot get it off your mind, you should seek mental health counseling.

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