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Oral sex with husband and HPV

My husband and I have been together for over 13 years(we have been w/ no one else during all these years)No questions about that... We both have pretty good health. I did have an abnormal pap smear soon after we had started having sex 13 years ago. (My husband had been w/ several girls in college) I was never told if it was HPV or not back then. I was treated having abnormal cells removed. My yearly pap smears have been completly normal for the past 10 years. My gyno. said since these paps have all been normal for so long that there should be no HPV present. I was too emarrassed to ask him about the oral sex and throat cancer connection.
These are my worries:
  1. If I was infected w/ an HPV throat infection way back 12 or 13 years ago, wouldn't it have already turned into throat cancer IF that was the type of HPV that is was????( I did visit an ENT doctor last year for  something unrelated to this and he used the lighted tube in nose/throat and said he saw no tumors and everything looked fine).
2. I have been performing oral sex on my husband for 13 years( I have NEVER performed oral on any other person). Since we are monogomous and have been for so many years AND my paps have been completly healthy all these last 10 years, do you believe it would be fairly safe to continue giving my husband oral?? The flavored condoms wouldn't be quite the same....
  Thank you so much for your time.
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Good questions which provide me to emphasize that the vast majority of HPV infections are self limited and go away with the passage of time, no matter where they might occur.  

In addition, it is important to realize that both cervical and, to an even greater extent, oral and throat cancers, while related to HPV infection, are VERY, VERY rare.  Furthermore, they are likely to have their risk amplified by co-factors such as smoking.  

Putting these two statements in context, what is done is done.  There is no risk for you to be worried about this "ancient" history as it relates to either your current risk for either cervical or oral/throat cancer, nor is there any reason for you to modify your sexual practices.  Now on to your questions:

1.  The natural history of HPV-related abnormalities does take years to progress and, while it is not a guarantee that you are going to develop problems in the future, having been examined and found to be clear makes it even more unlikely that the tiny, tiny chance that you will develop one of these HPV-related infections will come true.

2.  See above, no reason to change current practices.

I hope these comments help you.  You have no reason to worry.  EWH
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