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Peeling Hands and feet

I had unprotected vag. sex with a female (non CSW) on 10 Jan.  No symptoms except discomfort in uretha a few days later which passed.  No discharge or pus observed.  Went for tests on 22 Jan, got results back on 3 February negative for gonorrhea, chlymidia, and syphilis.  On 6 Feb was tested at my doctor for UTI and it came back negative.  On 2 March got CT scan with iodine dye to check for kidney stones.  A few days later I got .1mm sized bumps on sides of feet and palms that went away in a few days.  A week after they disappeared my hands and feet started to peel.  I am hoping the peeling/bumps  were a result of the iodine dye and not syphilis.  I never got any lesions and no blisters on palms and feet.  I never saw a chancre and was checking.  What is the possibility I have syphilis?
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Greetings. Welcome to the forum.

Reacting first to the title you chose for your question, before I read anything else:  No STD causes peeling skin of the hands and feet.  If that is your only symptom, you can be sure no STD is responsible.

Now I have read the question itself.  My reply still stands.  You have been completely evaluated for all STDs that might have caused your mild genital/urinary symptoms.  

As for syphilis, very unlikely, regardless of your symptoms.  Syphilis is rare in the US at present, only one third as common as HIV, which is rare itself outside selected risk groups; for both infections, almost 75% of new infections are in gay men.  Second, if you had syphilis, most likely you would have seen the chancre, as you seem to realize.  Third, although it is true that skin rash is the most common symptom of secondary syphilis, in general syphiltic rashes usually do not itch or peel.

That said, syphilis is a protean disease -- i.e. its manifestations are highly varied and atypical cases are common.  Given your sexual history, it would be reasonable for you to have a syphilis blood test, but you can expect it to be negative.

I hope this helps. Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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