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Please answer- thanks

I had sex with a prostitute last night.  We used sex but it broke and I was probably inside of her for a short time without it (3 minutes or less is my guess).  She said she did not have STDs.  I went and got tested today and it was negative.  I know it takes a long time to show but I needed to speak with someone about it at a free testing clinic.  I feel horrible and want to know if this was a high risk experience.  Should I be this worried?  Please help.  Thank you.  
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You don't provide enough information for me to assess your risk.  Some commercial sex workers are especially high risk for having an STD, whereas sex with others is safer than with most regular girlfriends or wives.  Street or bar pick-up, or expensive escort?  Drug user?  Does she insist on condoms with all customers?  What country are you in?  All these things make for giant differences in risk.

Even when a woman is infected with common STDs, transmission risks often are low.  If she had gonorrhea or chlamydia, the chance you would have caught it was somewhere around 1 in 5, i.e. an 80% chance you were NOT infected.  For HIV, the risk of transmission through unprotecte vaginal sex is in the range of once chance in 1000-2000 (and that's IF she was infected, which probably she was not).

Probably most gonorrhea or chlamydia would show up on testing only a day after exposure, but your tests were too soon for any other STD.  If in the next 2-3 weeks you don't develop a discharge of mucus or pus from your penis, or blisters or sores of the penis, then you can be pretty sure you weren't infected with gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, or syphilis.  Of course see a health care provider right away if symptoms appear.  Otherwise, you might visit a public health STD clinic around 3-4 weeks from now for reevaluation and perhaps additional tests.

In the meantime, the asnwer is no, you should not be so worried.  The odds are in your favor; and most STDs really aren't serious if diagnosed early and properly treated.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Was in the US in New Jersey at a casino.  Picked her up there.  Did use condom for vaginal and oral.  She insisted as did I.  Yes the other STDs are a worry but REALLY worried about hiv.  Please let me know what you think with the new info I gave you.  Thanks.  
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This is the wrong forum for detailed discussion of HIV; see the IMPORTANT notice above.  But if you'll read a few threads in the HIV Prevention forum, you will see that the chance a partner like you describe has HIV is very low, and the overall risk of HIV is near zero from this sort of event.
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