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Please read doctor; I am still worried: (Additional Donation)

Doctor, have not engaged in any other risky behavior for the last 16 weeks. I sent in my 3 mth HIV test to Home Access just 2 days short of 12 weeks (1 week short of 3 months). Test results negative. I thought I was in the clear based on all of the information I have gotten from you.

But for the last 30 or so days overlapping my 12 week test result, I at times am feeling faint like I am going to pass out & have also felt numbness in my hands & feet periodically. The faintness either happens after eating, or after very minimal physical or mental exertion. I was concerned enough that I was admitted into the Emergency Room Yesterday, and just discharged. I had a stress test and ultrasound done on my heart, as well as full blood work.

Dr. told me that my heart was fine and that I was otherwise in good health. I asked for an HIV test, but the Dr. said that isn't a test done through the Emergency Room. I thought that was wierd based on some case studies that I have read. I live in a metropolitan area of about 1 million.

With my bloodwork coming back fine, The Dr. said that I was not immunosuppressed and could find no other cause for my symptoms.

All of this of course leads me back to HIV. My WBC was 3.7 (baseline I was told is 4.0 - 11.0)

I know you have said that you have never seen a negative test at 8 weeks later turn positive, but I can't help but think that I could be as unlucky as to have a 12 week test later turn positive.

I now have doubts as to if my Home Access Test was really tested. The test results were available the day after they recieved them. They tell you normally 3-5 days.

I plan on taking an 18 week test next friday (the 17th), until then, please answer these final questions for me which I promise will me the last. Please be honest with me as I am really worrying again.

If in fact infected:

1.) Is it possible for my viral load to be so high due to my body not yet producing anti-bodies as to cause my feeling of faintness, weakness.

2.) I read that numbness in limbs is a sign of HIV infection. If so, would it happen this early in infection?

3.) I also have had a mild form of cradle cap. Is this a sign of infection?

4.) Is my WBC count being on the low end of the spectrum a clue of infection?

I really appreciate your time and thank you. As a matter of fact, Have Medhelp charge me and additional $20.00 as a donation.

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You have been appropriately reassured by your own doctor and I have nothing to add.  You do not have HIV and you can be sure Home Access does not give false information about test results.

As you imply yourself, it is not the purpose of the STD Forum to be the source of personal reassurance of people with unreasonable anxieties, regardless of donation.  Indeed, the purpose of having a fee at all is to limit unnecessary threads like this one which do not serve an educational purpose for other users.

Please no follow-up posts; I will have no further replies.  Continue to follow up with your own provider if you still have doubts.

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You already know what he is going to say.  You don't have HIV.
Additional donation or not, he may not answer.

You know, there is an Undiagnosed Symptom Forum now, you could post there.  Whatever your problem is, it is not HIV.  A good internal medicine specialist should be working with you.  Understand that sometimes we all have symptoms that are bothersome and worrisome, yet don't fit into any clear medical diagnosis.  

Time will tell.  If it is anything medically to worry about, it will become clear eventually.  If it is simply anxiety or just normal body symptoms magnified, your symptomatology will either remain the same (vague, non specific) or fade away as your anxiety decreases.
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I'm getting amazed by who worries about what on this forum, largely because it's so often illogical. A few threads down, there's a man who was penetrated anally by a stranger without a condom yet he doesn't even think of getting an HIV test; instead he's worrying about a burning sensation when he urinates. And then there are threads started by people who think they have HIV from masturbating, getting oral sex with a condom, or fingering someone.

God bless this doctor for weeding through so much confusion and trying to make sense of it all.
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Amen to that!
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I tested negative at 6, 10 and, 12 weeks. They were all blood test at the hospital. I understand that it is hard to accept the result when your "HIV symptoms" keep coming up. I am going through the same thing. I have limbs that go numb, loose stool, and the list goes on. I am not going to test again because I am sure another test will not calm me down for more than a day. I will be back in the circle again. I have to trust the advice of the doctor here and deal with my fear. I think you will be fine. It sounds like we are experience symptoms of anxiety, not HIV. Numbness is one of the anxiety symptoms. I noted that when a "HIV symptom" hit me I have 10 more symptoms followed it. Be strong and do something more positive. I work out at the gym. It helps me. Good luck.
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Good to see you back Johnny
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