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Possibility of herpes/HIV

I am greatly appreciative of this forum and its services.
Early Nov'05 i made my biggest and hopfully last mistake of this type of my life.
I went out and got drunk,met a girl who is 23,(im 21) we ended up back at hers and we were in bed together.This meant i cheated on my girlfriend. We were both drunk and we stimulated with hands each other, she came and i didnt. Then we were laid on top of each other, but as neither of us had any protection we didnt have intercourse. However there is a possibility that my penis touched her vagina, cant really remember it being anymore than this.  
I left shortly after this happened. Anyway i owned up to my g/f, and we agreed to spend a week apart to think about how we wanted things to work out. 5days after the incident,i developed a sudden urge to urinate frequently, it felt like a pain towards the tip of my urethra.No burning/discharge or rash around the pubic region. After 5days of this, i decided to see my doctor, i explaind the situation, he said that he doubted it was an std, but just anxiety due to the circumstances with my g/f. But get tested just for my peace of mind. So 4days later, 12days after being with this girl, I went to the clinic and got tested for clamydia/gonohorrea/syphillis/hepatitis and HIV.
At the time of getting tested, i had a spot about 3cm from the top of my pubes, the only reason i noticed it is because my waistband was rubbing it.I squeezed the spot and a vast amount of pus came out of it. However it didnt itch/burn. THe pain in the region of it had gone after being popped.At the test the doctor looked at it, and said it was a spot. All tests came back negative. Although the HIV test im guessing from what i have read would not show up for infection from the incident as it is too close after to be accurate.
However today, 83days after the incident, i still have a small lump where this spot was/is, there is nothing in it, but it is still slightly raised and purple in colour,it is 6mm long and 3mm wide. similar in colour to scar tissue.The is a hair coming out of a follicle in the purple part, but around the rest of the region for about 7/8mm is bald. My urine of late is also yellow and cloudy at the moment, at least for the last two weeks. I drink at least 4 pints of water a day.

  1)what is this spot? herpes/warts?As i also get occasional itching @ the base of my penis, in the hairs.No rash/pain though
  2)Is it possbile that my urine being off colour is due to a std that they maybe missed during testing, or was it too soon after exposure for clamydia etc to show up on the tests?
  3) what are the chances of me having HIV, should i be tested again?!? I had night sweats, whilst waiting for my test results.
Since being tested and getting the results i have worked things out with my g/f and we are back together.She has not complained about any symptoms, but also didnt know of mine or my tests &results.
Any advice or reassurance would be greatly appreciate
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All in all, I agree with your doctor.  The risk was low of acquring herpes, HIV, or any other STD from the encounter you describe, and urgent urnination isn't a sign of STD but certainly is consistent with anxiety.  The negative tests are further reassurance. The skin lesion you describe does not sound like herpes and the appearance of your urine doesn't suggest STD.  To answer your specific questions:

1) I cannot diagnose what I cannot see.  It doesn't sound like herpes.  Lesions in hairy areas often are due to folliculitis or simple acne or boil, but I cannot say much else.  Molluscum contagiosum might be a possibility.  Maybe lichen planus, a benign fungal infection (not an STD).  You should show it to your doctor for his opinion and advice; if he is uncertain about it, he might refer you to a dermatologist.

2) No STD alters the color, odor or cloudiness of urine, and only rare other infections do so.  Those urine characteristics depend primarily on diet and fluid intake.

3) There is no realistic risk of HIV from the exposure you describe.

Bottom line:  Follow up with your own provider if you are concerned about your symptoms.  But you can pretty much relax about the possibility of HIV, herpes, or other STDs.

Good luck-- HHH, MD
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Is there something like mouth gonorrhea?
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