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Possible HIV symptoms? Late ARS?

Hey Doc,

Ok so here's my story....I did something stupid and had sex with a commercial sex worker about 3 months ago. It was protected, but I had a slight rash around the base of the penis at the time (I believe it was jock itch) so I am leaning to believe vaginal fluids could have possibly entered my body that way. Anyway, I have not experienced any flu-like ARS symptoms such as fever or night sweats but just recently, I have gotten a maculopapular rash on my entire back. It is very similar to pictures I've seen online when I look up "hiv rash". It includes discoloration of my skin along with a whole lot of bumps along my back. It doesn't itch and I feel completely fine otherwise. My question is, do you think this could possibly be ARS? Can I get it this late and if so, shouldn't it be accompanied by a fever? I have read that ARS usually involves a fever. Also, if this is not ARS, what else could be causing this kind of rash? What other conditions cause an HIV rash-like itchless maculopapular rash on the back along with bumps? Possibly other STDs? I'm really confused and obviously scared. Please shed some light on this situation. Thanks!
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You have posted on the wrong site.   Questions about HIV belong on the HIV prevention site.  I will do my best to answer your questions with this reply but, if you have additional questions or follow-up they must be on the HIV Prevention site.  Sorry

Your rash is not ARS but due to some other cause.  The rash is only one part of the ARS syndrome and your symptoms have occurred too long after exposure to be ARS.  Even if it looks precisely like the rash described for ARS, you must realize that the appearance of this rash is non-specific and many, many other things can cause precisely the same sort of rash.  The list is long and includes allergies, community acquired viral infections, and many other sorts of dermatological conditions.  The way to sort this out is to see a health care provider for evaluation. For me to guess over the internet would not be proper, nor would it be in your best interest.

If you remained about the exposure you describe, get an HIV test.  It will be negative and then you can forget about that concern

As for your exposure, it was just about no risk.  You used a condom and condoms work.  The presence of a rash at the base of your penis would not change that and it is quite normal for persons wearing condoms to be exposed to their partners genital secretions on non-condom covered parts of their body. Despite these sorts of exposures, they do not get HIV or other STDs.

Further questions must be on the HIV site.  Hope this helps. EWH
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