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Potential Common Misuse(?)

21 days ago, I had sex with a prostitute at massage place.  We  used a latex condom, and it did NOT break, tear, or leak. Total sex time was between 30 and 45 seconds. No other sexual contact. Questions:

1.  I realized after that she used Lubriderm hand lotion to lube the condom. I now know that lotion with "oil" should not be used with latex condoms.  Considering that my condom did not break, tear, or leak (during this 30 - 45 second tryst), was I still protected?  There seems to be SO MUCH conflicting information on the internet.  My understanding is that: Oil causes a chemical reaction, weaking latex, and thus, eventually increasing the possibility of breakage.  I have heard from my doctor & HIV hotline that the issue is not that of microscopic leaks (or permeablity or porousness), but that oil weakens latex, increasing chance that it will fall apart.  How do you opine?  Did I lose protection?

2.  Urethritis:   About 4 to 6 hours after this incident, I began to actually urinate frequently: 10 times per hour for the next 8 to 10 hours. I also had a one-time green discharge.  These symptoms lasted only 10 hours (MAX). There was NO pain during urination. Seven days after the incident, I had a NEGATIVE gonnorhea & chlymidia DNA PCR (Labcorp).  

Also, 14 days after the sexual incident, I returned to the doctor, because I was experiencing pelvic heaviness.  (Also, a tendon in the pelvis was tender).  The doctor took a urine sample for prostatis (and white blood cells), and another urine sample to try to "culture" bateria.  Everything came out negative.   Do you have any opinion as to what could have caused this?  The only thing that I can think of is that after sex, I took a shower, and I washed my penis with COPIOUS amounts of HEAVILY fragrant shampoo/body wash.  Perhaps allergy?  Perhaps latex allergy?

3.  Possible ARS symptoms or not?

**7 days after this incident, I began to have on-and-off NOTHING CONSTANT) armpit shooting pain for 7 days. I also felt tenderness behind the knees for about 4 days (ALSO on-and-off ).

**Stuffy nose for for 3 days. Was "on and off."

**14 days after the incident, pelvic heaviness with a tender tendon.

**Now at Day 20 that spot is no longer tender, but another spot is. In addition, my hip joints have been a little uncomfortable (on-and-off). This has been going from Day 14 to now (day 21).  

No other symptoms. I have been experiencing EXTREME anxiety & stress over this incident.  Thus, I experience "off and on" feeling of disorientation.

My doctor has advised me that none of these symptoms are suggestive of ARS, & that ARS does not show up as "on and off" symptoms.  

How do you opine?  

Also, is it true that the lymph nodes in the pelvis (not groin) are not palpable?  

Would I know if my lymph nodes in my groin were swollen?  

Would I know difference between a tendon & lymph nodes in the pelvis?  

And is it true that pain from lypmh node are constant, not "off and on
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1) Oil-based lubricants are a problem because they can weaken condoms and cause them to break.  If the condom remained intact, there is no problem; short of breakage oil does't cause microscopic leakage.

2) No symptom of any STD ever appears in under 24 hours, and your symptoms don't sound like STD anyway.  Pelvic "heaviness" is more likely anxiety related than anything else.

3) Your risk of getting HIV was too low to even THINK of ARS as the cause of your symptoms, unless you have had exposures other than the one you describe.  In any case, your symptoms do not suggest ARS.

You know if lymph glands are swollen if you can feel marble-sized or walnut-sized lumps in the groin that weren't there before.  But only a trained health care provider can know for sure; don't go looking for lumps yourself.

Your doctor is right in all respects.  You are badly overreacting to this event.

Cheers--  HHH, MD
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Thanks for the response.  I'm not sure if I need to pay an extra $10 for this (tell me if I have to).  I have one comment and two questions.  Please tell me if I have to remit new payment.  I like to keep it honest.

1.  This is the only exposure that I've had in 9 months.  And prior to that I has HIV-test (negative) by ELISA (after CDC-window period).

2.  I do feel one lump in my pelvis.  How would I know if it's a tendon or lymph node?  

3.  Where is the groin exactly?  I've look over the intenet.  It is the area where you legs meet the pelvis?

Thanks for everything.  I'll try to calm down and not overreact.
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I guess the question I'm asking is:

**Risk of HIV contraction from vaginal sex where the condom is used for the entire ACT & the condom does not fail (even in the above case of the guy who used Lubriderm does his condom did not break, tear, or leak?)??  In such cases of protected sex (i.e., no condom failure and using it for the entire ACT), is it safe to say that HIV will not pass through the latex?
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HIV does not pass through intact latex condoms, period.  Same for all other STDs.

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1.  Do the same principles apply to my case also?  

It sounds like I really have nothing to worry about considering this was my only exposure.  

I supposed I freaked out, because a sex education counselor at Planned Parenthood told me that oil makes condom permeable/porous (i.e., micro leakage)

2.  Also, do you have any comment regarding the lump on my pelvis based on the description I gave you?  I think that I have worked myself into such a frenzy that I think everything and everything pain/tingle is a lymph node.  And that
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This is my last question.  Thank you for being generous in your answer.  (I thought it would be best to NOT start a new thread).

It is about swollen lymph nodes in the armpit.

How do I know if lymph nodes in the armpit is swollen?

I think that my left armpit has swollen lymph nodes, but I am not sure.  

The armpit area (mainly toward my back and where the bicep meets the armpit) feels heavy and hurts, and additionally, the pain shoots up and down to my elbow and lower bicep.  

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