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Primary Herpes Outbreak

Three weeks ago, I found myself with an escort.  I had five minutes of protected sex using a condom.  The next day I was extremely concerned and was checking myself at every opportunity to see if I had any lesions or anything else that looked strange.  Eleven days after the encounter, I noticed some tingling up and down my leg and it hasn't stopped since.  Sometimes it is in my calf, foot or thigh.  It's a tingling or sometimes a burning sensation.  Twenty days after the encounter, I noticed a little rash on my just waistline on my right hip. In addition, I've also been very constipated.  I'm wondering if this is HSV2.  It seems a little coincidental that this would start after this very regrettable encounter.  Here are my questions:

1.  Is leg tingling a symptom of herpes?

2.  Would it be rare to have a primary outbreak on my hip or buttocks?

3.  Would the rash be herpes if there are no painful blisters?

4.  Would I have noticed something on my penis or scrotum by now

5.  Seeing that this is my first outbreak, would I have had some of the outer symptoms seeing that I don't have a strong immunity to this virus?

I have posted the pictures of the rash on my profile, please look to see if this looks like herpes.  I have been scared and full of anxiety for the past three weeks.  I've been to the hospital and can't stop reading about herpes.  

Please help.
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Welcome to the forum.  I scanned your discussion on the herpes forum and agree with Terri Warren.

The sexual exposure described was low risk for HSV infection and your symptoms are not at all suggestive of genital herpes.  So basically I this comes down to a classical ggod news/bad news scario.  The good news is that you almost certainly did not catch herpes.  The bad is at I cannot explain your symptoms.  However, even this news has a good-news silver lining: I am confident it is nothing at all serious.

To your specific questions:

1.  No.  Tingling may preceded a recurrent herpes outbreak, but usually only in the area where e skin lesions show up within a day or two; and such symtpms generally are entirely absent during the initial HSV infection.

2.  Yes, this is rare.  For an HSV infection to take hold, the virus usually has to be massaged into the tissues. Therefore, initial herpes generally appears that the sites that receive the maximum friction during sex, I.e. usually the penis in men.  Recurrent outbreaks can occur on a buttock or hip area, but not the initial infection.

3.  Almost always there are blisters.  Both the type of rash you describe and the location are wrong for herpes.

4. Yes.  If you had acquired herpes, almost certainly you would have penile symptoms by now (usual Incubation period 3-5 days).

5. Initial herpes can very mild. Absence of other symptoms (headache, fever, etc) doesn't make much difference one way or the other.

We do not examine posted clinical photographs on this forum, and MedHelp does not permit the personal profile photos to be used for this purpose.  The webmaster will move them if you don't do so yourself right away. However, as my replies above indicate, there's no need for me to see any pictures.  It is absolutely clear you did not acquire general herpes.  If your symptoms continue or you otherwise remain concerned, see a doctor or clinic.  In the meantime, if you have a regular partner, it would seem to be entirely safe for you to continue the resume unprotected sex without any worry.

I hope this is helpful. Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Is it possible that this is anxiety?  I've been looking at my rash and examining myself at every possible moment.
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Difficult for me to judge, and in any case we generally don't speculate on causes of symptoms other than STDs.  But as I have said many times on this and the HIV forum, whenever someone suspects his or her own symptoms have an emotional/psychological origin, usually s/he is correct.
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