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Probability is was transmitted HSV-1/HSV-2 or HIV

I am going to tell you a situation that happened to me.  I will try to be as detailed as possible.  Also what happened is very weird and Im a lil embaressed, but Im not a weirdo, so bare with the strange details of the story.

This saturday, my fratenrity threw a party for the new members who will be joining. As a tradition, strippers are rented for the night to show the new guys "a good time". A lot of my freinds wanted to see me get a lap dance, so I was pushed in the middle of the circle and they were giving money to stripper. Now i have to admit i enjoyed all the cheering and the popularity so I allowed the stripper to do whatever she had to do.
She had me lay down on the floor,, clench the stick of a lollipop in my teeth and hold it upright while she sat on it and it went into her vagina. I felt her naked vagina and *** on my face (by  this point i was htinking to myself what the hell is going on) Everyone in the room was laughing at my expense and egging the whole situation on. She was only in that position for maybe 3-7 seconds, not too sure, but it wasn't too long. But i her parts were definitely in contact with my face. Then she got up  took the lollipop out of her vagina and basically tried jamming it in my mouth It took her probably 10 seconds of me trying to hold her hand back and then she jammed it towards my mouth. It hit my teeth and she tried pushing it in and i think it was in my mouth for less than a second. I immediately jumped up, didnt even close my mouth or anything ran upstairs washed my face and gargled with vodka.
Apparently this happened to three other people that night too. Also I had no cuts on my face or my mouth or anything if that has an impact on the situation.

Basically, what are my risks here. I can't believe this happened it all went so fast (plus i was drunk). I don't know what this person's deal is in terms of sexual health or history. I feel very weird about all this. Help.

Thankyou very much...
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This was a rather bizarre but no risk encounter (and gives new meaning to the word "sucker").  The contact you had did not involve any direct contact with her in a way that would spread STD or HIV, if she had them.  Oral sex, directly or indirectly is a very inefficient way to get an STD or HIV. The only STD you might have been at risk for would be gonorrhea and that rarely occurs and when it does, it may even cure itself.    

For you the odds are even lower than if you had performed oral sex on her.  Similarly, the introduction of the lollipop into your mouth would not be carrying an STD either.  The concentration of sugar in any wetness or secretions associated with the lollipop are so high that bacterial would be killed by them before they could infect you.  

You have nothing to worry about and do not need testing for the exposure you have described.  Take care.  EWH
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Thank you Dr. Hook for the response.
It truly was a bizarre experience that I unfortunately will never forget.
At least knowing that there is virtually no health risks i can begin laughing at how I truly was the sucker that night.  
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