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Rashes assessment


My previous thread you said it is over..

In that I haven't clearly mentioned about my rash, I am putting it here.. The rash pattern slightly changed now..

My single rash towards my back near spinal cord and exactly in the middle of my back. In a normal view it looks red but when zoomed it in picture and checked It is reddish mostly and little whitish in the middle.. Semi flat looking,it pains and burns when I rest on the back.. It looks like sun burn(not exactly) and semi solid, no liquid or no air filled in it.. Size of 3mm.. it is there for last 5days.. at the moment it doesn't look like cold sore or blisters..To be more precise it looks like bigger pimple in semi-flat shape and mostly looks reddish on naked eye..

As of now after three weeks of exposure, I dont have any symptoms on genital, thigh, buttocks and neck. But in my mouth below my lower teeth on the skin,I had small dot(1mm), caused very little pain for 1 day and gone.. I had dry cough for 2weeks.. Not continuous dry cough but when smoke is around it will start..

One more thing, I had slight yellowish coloured urine in the morning..

My questions are
1) does this symptom relate to herpes or warts? what do you make of this symptom?
2) can the first symptom of herpes occur on the middle of back? How rare is this?
3) I m constantly touching the rash, do i need to clean my hand everytime i touch the rash? Because I touch others parts of the body after touching the rash mostly on the face..
4) Having a hepatitis A immunity injection will it protect against the virus which is in the inital stages in the body after the exposure? How one can be diagnosed for hepatitis?
5) Difference b/w IgG and IgM tests?

Thanks in advance for your answers..

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You are abusing this Forum.  You continue to ask anxiety driven questions about processes that are not related to the exposure you mentioned in your earlier post in which an encounter with a commercial sex worker was characterized by a broken condom during genital sex, receipt of unprotected oral sex and kissing.  You have had your questions about STD testing addressed.  It now appears that, probably in part related to your guilt and anxiety you are now continuing to ask poorly focused, "what if" questions related to this exposure and examining yourself to look for "signs" that you think might be related to your exposure of concern.  I considered simply deleting this question without comment but instead will provide this answer.  With that however the thread will end.  Continuing to post questions in this way will result in your being banned from the Forums.

1.  Rashes are not appropriately addressed over the internet.  They need to be examined by a trained clinician.  The rash you describe is not suggestive however of herpes or warts.  Your description does not sound like wither of these processes. More importantly both herpes and HPV infections (warts) are spread through DIRECT contact.  As a result, these SEXUALLY transmitted diseases occur on sites of sexual exposure, not on the midline of the back.  I suspect this rash is unrelated to the exposure that concerns you.   I suggest you see a dermatologist or other knowledgeable health care provider.
2.  This would be unheard of as an initial presentation of genital herpes.
3.  Rashes due to infection are typically not spread by touching them. Touching your rash however will irritate it and make it more difficult for a doctor (internist, dermatologist, general practitioner) to help you find out what it might be and to address it.
4.  Hepatitis is diagnosed with blood tests.  There is little reason for you to be concerned that you might have caught hepatitis A from the exposure you report.
5.  IgG and IgM after different types of antibodies.  They reflect different time points in infection.  Tests for IgM and IgG also perform differently both because of the nature of the tests and the nature of how the body reacts to infection.  IgM tests work well for some infections but not others.  IgM tests are not recommended for diagnosis of herpes infections.

This will end this thread. Further, we ask clients to make only two posts in any six month period. the problems you describe are problems you need to deal with through direct interactions with a clinician, not over the internet.  No further questions until January 2011 please.  End of thread.  EWH
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Thanks for your answers..

Apologies to you and medhelp in anyway I have inadverdently disturbed the process..

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