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Receipt of oral with some symptoms - Right Steps


Thanks in advance for your help.  6 days ago I received brief (1 minute) unprotected oral sex from a women in a gentleman's club.  I have done my research and I know my risks from this encounter.

I am in an otherwise monogamous relationship with a woman for the last 4 years.  I HAVE NOT had any sexual contact with her since the incident, and do not plan to until this is resolved.

I am experiencing some symptoms that I wanted to share them with you.  After 4 days, I began to feel some discomfort in my anus and scrotum.  Today I feel it mostly in my penis.  I feel like a have to urinate often.  

I am emotionally a wreck.  I feel terribly guilty, and am terrified that I might pass something on.   My bowels have been acting up and my butt has been burning.  I have been checking my penis for discharge and focusing on any pain in my groin area.  I'm not sure if my symptoms are abnormal or whether they're psychosomatic.  

I DON'T have discharge, or pain while urinating.

5 days after the exposure, I got tested at a local STD clinic.  They tested for Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Syphilis.  I do not know if they tested for NGU.

Finally, one day ago I started taking 100 MG of Doxy that's I've recently taken for a skin condition.  I have enough for 30 days.  I have no take 300 MG in 1.5 days.  In that brief time, the pain in my anus/scrotum seems to have let up, but I still have slight twinges in my penis.  

My questions:

1) Do my symptoms suggest anything?
2) Based on my information, do you know if the tests the clinic provide rule out NGU?
3) If the tests come pack negative, can I be confident that I will not pass anything on to my partner?
4) In the event that I do have NGU, how long will the Doxy take to get rid of the disease?
5) Does the fact that I've taken Doxy in the past influence it's effectiveness?
6) Is there anything else I could be doing as I wait for results to come back?

Thank you.
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Welcome to the forum.  I can confirm the accurate replies you received on the community forum.

Forums like this can give an impression of high STD risk from oral sex.  Although we have no data on the numerical risk for any single exposure, it's probably less than 1 in 1,000.  For every forum participant who reports an apparent STD from oral sex, there are thousands of exposures that did NOT result in any infection.  To your specific questions:

1) Your symptoms do not suggest any STD.  The infections that could have been acquired can only cause discharge from the penis, maybe mild discomfort on urination, or penile sores/blisters.  Any and all other symptoms are not due to STD -- and whenever a person suspects his or her own symptoms have a psychological origin, usually s/he is correct.

2) There are no reliable tests for asymptomatic NGU.  But NGU is definitely no worry for you now:  doxycycline is effective treatment; and NGU acquired by oral sex is not known to be harmful for female partners.  We treat it to relieve symptoms, but not to protect men from complications (as far as we know, there are none) or to protect partners from harm.

3) The gonorrhea test is the only one that will mean anything.  It will be negative.  Chlamydia is rarely if ever transmitted by oral sex.  Although syphilis theoretically could be, there is no realistic chance of it -- and in any case, it takes 6 weeks for the blood test to become positive.

4,5) Doxycycline cures symptomatic NGU in a week or so.  Most likely the causative bacteria would be sufficiently suppressed within the first couple days of treatment that no infection could be transmitted.   Past treatment would have no effect on its effectiveness.

6) Anything else you could be doing?  Yes -- settling down and stopping all this worry.  The bottom line is that you were at little risk of STD.  If I had been in your situation, I would not have gotten tested or treated for any STD and would be continuing unprotected sex with my wife, with no worries about it.  The main problem here seems to be your emotional reaction to a sexual choice you regret.  You'll have to deal with that aspect, but you can be confident there will be no medical consequences from the event.

I hope this helps.  Best wishes--  HHH, MD
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Thank you Dr.

It's good to hear the se thing from a professional.

I will continue to finish the doxy and make sure I don't develop any real symptoms.  Slight penile discomfort and urge to urinate not being the real ones...

In the highly unlikely event I was exposed to Syphilis, would the doxy ensure that I was treated and would never develop symptoms?
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Glad to have helped.

Doxycycline is the main alternative for syphilis treatment of penicillin allergic patients, and is highly effective.  In any case, there is no realistic chance you caught syphilis.
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Final question that may be of help to others: Does it happen often that someone contracts a UTI from oral sex?  Non-chlamydia NGU simply a form of UTI that's usually sexually transmitted?
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No.  NGU and UTI are distinct disorders.  Logically, the term "UTI" means any infection anywhere in the urinary tract.  But in universal standard usage, UTIs involve the bladder and higher, not the urethra alone, and by definition are not STDs.
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I got my test results and they were in fact negative.  Thanks for your help.
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