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Recurrent Non-chlamydial NGU

I suffered from urethritis last year, got treated effectively with azithromycin (please read "Non-chlamydial NGU" in STDs  (Expert Forum)).

I started having unprotected sex with a new girl this year. We had had a few encounters without any problems.
Recently I found out she had sex with another man; I, however, have been monogamous. I've had sexual contact with her twice after this.
I am now suffering from urethritis again, but haven't told her yet. I believe she has no symptoms nor does the other man she slept with.

Did I pick up an some kind of infection that the other guy gave her?
Or is there something wrong with me?
What could be the cause of my urethritis?
What do you suggest I should do?
What tests - exams should I take before getting treated with antibiotics (to try to identify the cause - bacteria)?

Thank you.
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Welcome back to the Forum.  I presume your urethritis was diagnosed by a health care provider who demonstrated increased white blood cells in urine or a swab specimen and that you are not just referring to symptoms.  If so, at least part of the key to addressing this is for both you and your GF to get checked and tested and to go from there.  Otherwise trying to address your question is mere speculation.  

Perhaps you got something from your GF or perhaps this is something else.  If you are both positive for chlamydial infection there is little question.  On the other hand if her evaluation is negative this might be something else, such a prostatitis or some other process.  In your earlier exchange with Dr. Handsfield he listed the numbers of organisms which cause NGU and acknowledged that a small proportion of NGU is related to non-STD causes as well.   The starting point is discussion with your GF, getting checked and if that doesn't provide answers, then seeking opinions about far rarer processes with a general internist.

Hope this helps. Please let us know what happens when you and your GF are both tested.  EWH
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