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Recurring forehead rash

I know a person should not categorize themselves as having HIV based on symptoms. I'd like to go to the doctor but I'm too terrified. Here’s my story in short. I have received on several occasion unprotected oral sex over the past six months and I have also had vaginal sex with females of known status. Each encounter of vaginal sex was protected but the oral sex was not. The rash I’m worried about comes and gos and this rash only appears on my forehead. I first noticed it about two months ago. This mild rash somewhat itches and produces small bumps during flares. It kinda reminds me of a citrus rash I use to get from eating oranges when I was a kid. I’ve noticed outbreaks seem to be less worrisome the mornings after the initial outbreak. I tried treating the outbreak with an assortment of over the counter products but nothing works. I have even tried changing my diet, facial soaps, and other items that might come into contact with my face.  The rash always fades away on its know in a day or couple days. I wonder if it has something to do with my very very oily skin. I haven’t experienced any other symptoms or fevers. Could this mysterious rash be related to HIV in your opinion? A recent picture of my forehead maybe viewed by copying and pasting this link: http://www.medhelp.org/photos/show/2957405?type=posts Thank you.
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This question is in the wrong forum.  See the IMPORTANT notice above.  Sorry, but we stick to that rule.  This thread will be deleted after you have had a chance to see this brief reply.

Dr. Hook and I don't look at posted photos.  But it doesn't matter.  You don't have HIV, both because you had zero risk exposures and, from your description, HIV is not a plausible cause of a rash like you describe.  And I have no patience with "I'd like to go to the doctor but I'm too terrified."  Just do it, preferably a dermatologist.  You can be sure it isn't HIV and almost certainly nothing serious.

Regards--- HHH, MD
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Please accept my apologizes. Thank you for your reply despite my non-compliance.
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